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Chapter Committees and Leadership

Your CalCPA chapter provides several ways to get involved. Contact any chapter leader for more information. If you are interested in a particular technical area or want to network with CPAs who have similar interests, chapter interest groups, committees and discussion groups cover a wide variety of topics.


Los Angeles Leaders

Cory J. Stigile

First Vice President
Jillian N. Phan

Vice Presidents

Jeff Chen

Tayiika M. Dennis

Gogi K. Overhoff

Rochelle N. Nakajima

Peter L. Magidoff

Past President
Kristen N. Contreras



Ruth E. Baldauf (2012-14)

Beth L. Bayer (2012-14)

Joseph A. Broyles (2013-15)

Norachai Chawareewong (2012-14)

Scott J. Donnelly (2012-14)

Robert F. Dwyer (2013-15)

Justin Gugajew (2013-15)

Chandni Jalan (2012-14)

Hany B. Mikhail (2013-15)

David C. Papotta (2012-14)

Stephen C. Redmond (2013-15)

Martin D. Seiden (2012-14)

Robert S. Seltzer (2012-14)

Martin L. Sneiwski (2012-14)

Joyce Suen (2013-15)

Kristine Tse (2011-13)

Steven Valdes (2012-14)



Jeff Chen

Kristen N. Contreras

Tayiika M. Dennis

Rochelle N. Nakajima

Gogi K. Overhoff

Jillian N. Phan

Michael Spindler

Cory J. Stigile

Gayle M. Whittemore

Steven Valdes

Chapter Groups

ABC Networking
Eddie Glickman

Accounting Principles & Auditing Standards
Marissa C. Bueno
Violeta D. Cristobal

Business & Industry
Gary S. Bachrach

CPA Business Managers
Barry Charles

Muhammad. Z. Aziz

Estate Planning
Michael B. Allmon

Financial Literacy
Robert S. Seltzer

Government Relations/Grassroots Legislative

Management of Accounting Practice
Jonathan A. Karp

Tayiika M. Dennis

Gina L. DeRosa

Technology - East Side Users Group
Linda L. Heineman
Barry B. Hensiek

Technology - West Side Users Group
Larry E. Russell

Young & Emerging CPAs
Joyce Suen


Discussion Group Chairs

Ilma V. Avila
Monica Goel

East San Gabriel Valley
Beverly A. Brown

Hollywood / Beverly Hills
Ernest F. Howard

LAX / South Bay
Peter McNeil

San Fernando Valley (Morning)
Philip K. Hammond, IV
Steven H. Hornstein

San Fernando Valley (Evening)
Earl F. Greenspan
David S. Pennet

Santa Clarita Valley
Jerald D. Schneider
Sonia C. Stodden

Mary Lee Lombardi
Chad R. Turner

West San Gabriel Valley / Pasadena
Stella Tsai

Catherine S. Sanders