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John F. Forbes Award

In 1927, the California Society of CPAs established an award as a remembrance of John F. Forbes who was a distinguished California leader in the early years of the accounting profession. The John F. Forbes Award was given annually to those California CPA candidates receiving the highest scores on the Uniform CPA Examination each year. For decades, CalCPA presented this award to those achieving this feat. It was an honor for the candidates, the colleges and the firms that hired the individuals. The practice was discontinued some time ago and in 2006 the Accounting Education Committee (AEC) worked to reinstate the honor.

We recognize that passing the Uniform CPA Exam is just one part of becoming a CPA in California, but it is an important part so the AEC sought the assistance of the California Board of Accountancy in reinstating the practice of recognizing these individuals.

There are privacy issues surrounding the release of such information for California candidates. In order to maintain the privacy of the candidates the California Board of Accountancy obtains the necessary information directly from NASBA and notifies the candidates that they are entitled to receive an award in recognition of their achievement and encourages them to contact CalCPA directly for further information.

CalCPA is pleased to continue the Forbes Award’s tradition of recognizing excellence and achievement of future CPAs in California. They award a plaque and $1,000 to each recipient. CalCPA is willing to work with the Board in any way in order to recognize the top scorers.