Onsite Learning

Bring an Education Foundation Program Directly to your Organization

It’s convenient, cost-effective and most importantly – a powerful educational experience! Whether you are looking to fill regulatory requirements, stay current with annual updates, introduce trending topics or delve into specific training needs, Onsite Learning provides a personal group learning environment where you can raise questions and have discussions that are directly related to your business.

Why Choose Onsite Learning?

  • Maximize flexibility with timing and location
  • Increase engagement by training your staff together as a team
  • Tailor high quality programs to meet your needs
  • Enable direct interaction with top rated instructors
  • Target course discussions to include proprietary issues
  • Save money by cutting down on individual travel expenses
  • Ensure the fulfillment of your CPA compliance requirements


Most CalCPA Education Foundation public courses are available as an
Onsite Learning option. Don’t see the program you are looking for?
Just ask. Onsite@calcpa.org

We provide a full menu of learning and development programs through our partnership with national vendors to meet your educational needs.

Our Most Popular Onsite Programs

  • Accounting and Auditing Update
  • Business Writing for Accountants
  • California Frauds, Scams and Scandals
  • Common Frauds and the Internal Controls Designed to Prevent and Detect Them
  • Cost Capitalization from A to Z
  • Cost Principles for Government and/or Non-Profit Organizations
  • Estate Planning
  • Ethics for CPAs ( 4hr) and Fraud for CPAs (4 hr)
  • Federal and/or California Tax Updates
  • Finding and Evaluating Frauds: A Case Study Approach
  • GAAP Update
  • GASB Basic Financial Statements for State and Local Governments
  • Governmental and Nonprofit Annual Update
  • Internal Controls: Your Defense Against Fraud
  • Key Ratio Analysis
  • LLCs and Partnerships: Review of Selected Topics
  • Multistate Tax Update
  • Staff Training for Accounting and Auditing (All Levels)
  • Tax Practice Conduct Standards

Ready to get started?

Whether you are looking for one program or need advice building your curriculum for the year, CalCPA Education Foundation can help.
Contact Rebecca Duffy at (650) 522-3151.


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