Member Type/Dues

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CPA who is an Executive: Managing partner, partner, owner, principal, sole practitioner, business and industry executive, president, vice president, director, consultant, controller, CEO, COO or CFO.


Professional +5

CPAs licensed more than five years not described in Executive membership type.


Professional < 5

CPA member, licensed less than 5 years and not described in Executive.



Must be employed full-time as a high school, college or university educator, principal, dean or guidance counselor. Part-time educators, principals, deans or guidance counselors are also eligible if not employed elsewhere.



CPAs Not Working





A retired CPA.


Temporarily Out of
Work Force


A CPA who is not working (i.e., in between jobs, caring for a dependent, etc.)







Not a licensed CPA, does not qualify as a Student or Candidate and meets Associate eligibility requirements.



Non-CPA, non-billable professional working as a firm administrator



Any person who has a bachelor’s degree, has never been licensed in any state and is pursuing licensure via the California Board of Accountancy.
NOTE: First membership year for candidates is free. Membership in this category is limited to seven years. Any member who accrues seven years of candidate membership without becoming licensed transitions to an Associate member.



Any person who is a full-time or part-time student and has never been licensed as a CPA, nor achieved bachelor’s degree. NOTE: Graduate students pursuing CPA licensure fall under the Candidate membership category.


Forensic Services Section

The Forensic Services Section exists to provide an expanded forum to facilitate participation and the exchange and dissemination of ideas and resources, to identify relevant current events and trends, and to analyze technical issues and interpret applicable standards.




Forensic Services Section

Includes membership in all sections Application


Forensic Services Section Associate Membership

Includes membership in all sections Application