Committee on Taxation

Mission: Provide up-to-date information and guidance to members on tax laws, programs and regulations. Maintains liaison with the IRS, FTB, BOE and EDD. Review and respond to proposed tax legislation, regulations and revenue rulings.

* This is a state committee with corresponding chapter committees.

2016-18 Chair:

  • Gina DeRosa


Federal Subcommittee

Fed Tax Update by Stuart Josephs, (Nov. 2016) p. 9

Fed Tax - Retirement Plans - Possible Relief for Missing 60 day Rollover Deadline by Stuart Josephs, p. 23

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State Subcommittee

FTB Updates by David Flamer, p. 23

Tax Due Date Conformity by CalCPA GR, (Oct. 2016) p. 6

FTB News - 2016 State Income Tax Rates adjusted for Inflation by FTB, p. 8

Taxing Changes - State Controller Releases Framework for Tax Reform by Jason Fox/Kasey O'Connor, p. 35

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CATax - COT-FTB Recap - Top Tax Delinquents, BOE Updates Discussed by Leonard Williams, p. 23

General Information

Financial Pioneering - Tax Planning in an uncertain Environment by Gina DeRosa, p. 12-13

FedTax - Partnership Audits - New, Centralized System for Tax Years Coming in 2017 by Stuart Josephs, p. 31

AICPA Recommends Changes in Estate Tax Basis Rules by AICPA, (July 2016) p. 4

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Member Alert - TPRs and Form 571-L, Business Property Statements by FTB, p. 10

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