Any person who has a bachelor’s degree, has never been a licensed CPA in any state and is pursuing pathway to licensure via the California Board of Accountancy.

NOTE: First membership year for candidates is free. Membership in this category is limited to seven years. Any member who accrues seven years of candidate membership without becoming licensed transitions to a Financial Professional member.

“Being a member of CalCPA provides me the opportunity to network and interact with peers in the industry. It also allows me to appreciate that CalCPA is instrumental in supporting emerging CPAs, advocating to policymakers, and fostering a strong community of CPAs and professionals.”

—Juan Ortiz
Marcum LLP

San Francisco Chapter
Member Since Nov. 23, 2009

Juan Ortiz is an auditor at Marcum LLP. He works primarily in audits of non-for profits, employee benefit plans, governmental audits, and other assurance services for small businesses. According to Juan, the best part of his job is to add value to every audit by providing recommendations to clients on how to improve their business operations. Juan also serves in the CalCPA Scholarship Committee where he has the “opportunity to help deserving and qualified students continue their journey into the profession.”

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