Tax Tips


Tax Planning Tips for Armed Forces Personnel

Five Tax Tips for the Unemployed

Your Tax Return: What Could Go Wrong?

What You Should Know about Taxes and Social Security Benefits

Can I pay taxes before selling a property?

Who pays taxes on a Roth IRA?

Seven Smart Tips for Last-minute Filers

Safeguarding Your Tax Records

Is a personal gift or loan taxable?

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Tax Planning

How Can You Cut Next Year’s Taxes?

Can I Make California Garner My Husband's Earnings, Not Mine?

Importance of Tax Planning

Update on AMT

Do I Report Car Payments from My Girlfriend as Income?

Do I have to report foreign funds to the IRS?

Charitable Deductions

Who gets the tax deduction for a charitable donation?

Back Taxes

For how many years must I file back taxes?

Anti-Tax Law Evasion Schemes

How can I rectify back taxes?


If I refinance rental property, can I deduct loan interest?

Can my friend deduct a gift?

Tax-Deductible Donations: What You Need to Know

Does cosmetic surgery qualify for a deduction?

Capital Gains/Losses

As a California resident, do I pay capital gains tax in Oregon?

What taxes do I pay if I sell a house below its basis?

As a Washington resident, what taxes do I pay on the sale of California property?

Can I defer capital gains tax on 1031 exhange for property rented to my daughter?

How do I carry a loss forward?

Do I pay taxes on a gain?

Do we pay taxes on a loss?

Must I pay capital gain on property in another state?


As a Utah resident, how do I report sale of California property?

How Will a Move to California Affect Our Taxes?

Do I have to file taxes in two states?

I live in two states: where do I file a tax return? How can I use my money in a 1031 Exchange?

Will I lose my California residency if I work in another state?

IRS Audit

Avoiding A Tax Audit

Does my CPA need my approval to turn over records to the IRS?

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