Merger and Acquisition Planning and Best Practices | 4194021C

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February 24, 2020 6:00 AM - 1:30 PM
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CPE 8.00
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This program is designed to help individuals from first time buyers to veteran entrepreneurs navigate the acquisition process. It discusses practical ideas on finding potential targets, letters of intent (LOIs), the due diligence process, building the business case financial model, obtaining proper financing, negotiating the deal documents, and integration of the acquired entity. The course will cover how to build a plan, executethe acquisition process, and lead a team to be a successful acquirer of other business entities to grow revenue and enhance net income.


Participants will be able to lead their company through the entire merger or acquisition process after the completion of this course.

Major Subjects:

•    Finding prospective targets, • Initial purchase price negotiation process, • LOIs – getting more formal, • Entity purchase vs. asset purchase deals, • Due diligence – not just the numbers, - Numbers, - Physical assets and buildings, - Patents and other legal issues, - Environmental testing and protecting yourself, - Insurance, - Human resources, employee benefits and pay structures, - Sales and marketing, - Sight visits and other investigative procedures, - Confirm production capacity, - Dealing with leaked information and non-disclosure agreements, • Return on investment model – what to pay for and what not to pay for, • Financing the transaction, • Deal documents, • Financing documents, • Purchase accounting and goodwill entries, including step acquisitions, • Having an integration plan

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Basic knowledge of business acquisition accounting
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CFOs, VPs of Finance, CPAs, accountants, and financial professionals who assist business owners in the acquisition process of buying or selling a business.


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