Financial Modeling and Driver-Based Planning | 4182588A CANCELLED


Date :
September 17, 2018 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Location :
San Francisco Peninsula
Facility :
CalCPA Flex Center - Burlingame
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CPE 8.00, AA 8.00
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Learn the basic concepts and principles necessary to build driver-based financial models (including use of Excel's Regression and Solver tools) and use them to improve cost management.

The importance of cost management tools able to yield a competitive advantage is no secret. Financial modeling tools including Excel's Regression and Solver tools are now being used in financial planning and analysis to allow users to better manage costs. These tools reveal the drivers affecting costs and to help manage resources.


  • Recognize the limitations of traditional cost accounting & activity-based costing.
  • Learn the key features of driver-based planning (DBP).
  • Identify and validate cost drivers using regression analysis.
  • Determine the impact of these drivers using multi-driver cost modeling.
  • Uncover hidden profits using a resource-consumption-based approach.
  • Develop driver-based planning systems to enhance cost reduction efforts.
  • Show why resource consumption-based cost measurement, not GAAP costing, is essential for success.

Major Subjects:

  • Driver-based planning (DBP), the next generation approach to cost management
  • Why activity-based costing (ABC) & throughput costing (TOC) are not enough
  • Cost decomposition analysis using REGRESSION tool
  • Driver-based modeling using SOLVER tool
  • Multi-driver budgeting for more accurate planning & cost reduction
  • The importance of managing idle capacity

Advanced Prep:


Misc. Information:

The lunch period for this event will be 30 minutes and a box lunch is included in your registration fee. Class will adjourn at 4 p.m. unless otherwise specified.

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Level of Difficulty:
Field of Interest:

Basic knowledge of Excel.

Designed For:

CPAs, CFOs, controllers, financial analysts and accountants.


Dennis Geyer
Dennis Geyer is an internationally recognized expert in strategic cost analysis, activity-based management and multi-driver cost modeling. His consulting practice specializes in designing cost and performance measurement systems, developing cost reduction strategies and conducting strategic pricing and business process analysis. By linking business process analysis with finance, Geyer helps clients identify opportunities to increase financial performance through improved operational design. Geyer has provided strategic advisory and business systems design services to numerous clients in a wide variety of industries including banking, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, telecommunications and transportation. Former clients include Bechtel, DHL, Pacific Bell (AT&T), Wells Fargo Bank and Xerox. A sought-after speaker and educator, Geyer teaches at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business and travels extensively, conducting public and customized seminars primarily to executive audiences in the U.S., Latin America and Southeast Asia.


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