Excel Power User Module 2: Fundamental Functions, Concepts, Techniquies | EPU2OD19

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Accounting professionals who use Excel for Windows.
Field of Interest :
Computer Software And Applications
Prerequisite :
Excel Power User Module 1 or knowledge of the topics covered.
Credits :
2.00 CPE
Description :
Cover fundamental functions, concepts and techniques that provide a firm foundation for our workbooks.

Continue to integrate these items as we proceed throughout the series.

This is part 2 of a 10 part series
Objectives :
  • Determine why the SUBTOTAL function is preferred to the SUM function in many situations.
  • Identify a technique that helps ensure that a new row inserted between the last data row and the formula row is included in the total row formula.
  • Recognize at least three workbook design principles.
Major Topics :
  • Better summing
  • Skinny row
  • Hide worksheets
  • Highlight input cells
  • Workbook organization
  • Worksheet organization
  • Nested functions
  • Selection groups
  • Workbook design principles
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Lenning Jeff S - Jeff S Lenning is a CPA and published author. He has written several articles for the Journal of Accountancy and other publications. He specializes in providing computer consulting services to CPA firms and their clients.