Excel Power User Module 4: Handling Errors and Comparing Lists | EPU4OD19

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Designed For :
Accounting professionals that use Excel for Windows.
Field of Interest :
Computer Software And Applications
Prerequisite :
Excel Power User Modules 3 or knowledge of the topics covered.
Credits :
2.00 CPE
Description :
Examine functions that help us trap and handle errors and discuss efficient methods to perform list comparisons. Continue to integrate these features as we proceed throughout the series.

This is part 4 of a 10 part series
Objectives :
  • Identify which Excel function can be used to perform a multicolumn list comparison.
  • Determine which approach to indenting report labels is recommended for recurring use workbooks.
  • Recall which Excel function returns the count of the number of cells that meet specified conditions.
Major Topics :
  • Trap errors with IFERROR
  • The IF function
  • List comparisons
  • The ISERROR function
  • Multicolumn list comparisons with COUNTIFS
  • Indentation
  • Perform lookups with SUMIFS
Advanced Prep :
About the Author :
Lenning Jeff S - Jeff S Lenning is a CPA and published author. He has written several articles for the Journal of Accountancy and other publications. He specializes in providing computer consulting services to CPA firms and their clients.