The Monica Thompson Memorial Benevolent Fund

CalCPA’s Monica Thompson Memorial Benevolent Fund (The Fund) was created in 2021 to honor and remember the 21-years of outstanding service and contributions to CalCPA and the profession for which Monica Gurrola Thompson (of blessed memory 1964-2021), dedicated her career. Monica’s loving spirit, infectious laugh, inclusive personality, and positive impact on CalCPA members and staff will forever be remembered.

The Fund is intended to provide members, staff and friends of CalCPA financial assistance through temporary periods of crisis or hardship. The Fund provides short-term assistance for daily living or office expenses that become difficult to meet due to natural disaster or health/medical reasons.

Assistance Offered Through the Monica Thompson Memorial Benevolent Fund

  • Temporary monthly living or office expenses.
  • One-time emergency grants.
  • Temporary monthly medical, mental health and prescription expense payments, that exceed insurance coverage.
  • Temporary Medicare or other health insurance premiums.
  • Most medically necessary services for dependent children (under age 21).
  • Other, as the Benevolent Fund Committee deems appropriate.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current CalCPA members.
  • Surviving spouse or business partner of a member, at the time of their death.
  • Dependent children (under the age of 21) of a member.
  • Current CalCPA employees.
  • Other friends of CalCPA, as the Benevolent Fund Committee deems appropriate.
  • Must exhibit evidence of financial need, per application and support documentation.

Application Process

You will need to:

  • Complete sections 1 through 16 in a legible manner (the Application is available online in fillable PDF format. The Fund encourages applicants to use this method).
    • Page 6 is a Submission Checklist
    • Section 17 – sign authorization of information
    • Section 18 – is if someone other than the applicant filled out the application
    • Section 19 – is available for additional writing space
  • Provide the required documentation and/or verification items necessary to complete your application.
  • Mail this application and all required documentation to:
    • CalCPA Monica Thompson Memorial Benevolent Fund
      ATTN: CalCPA and Jill Gorman
      330 N. Brand Blvd.
      Suite 1170
      Glendale, CA 91203

Monica Thompson Tribute