Federal and California Tax Updates

Titans of Tax Tour 2022–2023

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Be prepared for the changes made by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and other critical changes to Federal and California tax laws. Whether you focus on individual or business tax—or both—you’ll examine new legislation, regulations and case rulings and gain new ideas for tax planning and due diligence.

Instructors: Annette Nellen, CPA, CGMA, Esq., and Gregory Kling, CPA, MST

Federal and California Tax Update for Individuals

No CPE is available for this Self Study course

This in-depth analysis of the year's important changes in tax law explains new legislation and IRS and FTB guidance. Key developments from the IRS, FTB and courts are covered, along with compliance and planning lessons learned from these rulings.

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Learning Objectives
  • Identify new federal and California tax legislation affecting individuals
  • Describe the year's significant federal and California law change from the legislature, IRS, FTB and the courts
  • Identify new due diligence areas relevant to individual income tax matters
  • Learn how new tax rules affect tax planning and compliance.
Major Subjects
  • 20221 legislation from Congress and California
  • Income inclusions, exclusions and deductions and losses
  • Property transaction updates including for for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets 
  • Passive activities, hobby and other losses
  • California major developments for individuals
  • Filing status, credits and retirement plan developments
  • Expiring provisions
  • Due diligence reminders

Federal and California Tax Update for Businesses & Estates

No CPE is available for this Self Study course

Tax developments affecting C and S corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts and exempt organizations are covered. Legislative updates and associated guidance from IRS and FTB are explained.

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Learning Objectives
  • Recognize and apply federal and California tax developments affecting corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts, and how these new provisions and interpretations impact planning and compliance for your clients
  • Identify the year's significant regulations, IRS and FTB rulings, as well as other administrative guidance on business and estate tax matters. Describe the most important 2022 court cases addressing business entities
  • Identify planning and due diligence learned from recent developments
Major Subjects

  • New law provisions and guidance and new tax forms affecting business entities, tax-exempts and estates and trusts
  • Key cases and IRS and FTB guidance affecting partnerships, LLCs, C corporations and S corporations
  • Employment taxes and worker classification matters
  • Accounting method developments
  • Tax credits updates—Federal and California
  • The state of California and multistate significant developments, including nexus and sourcing
  • Expiring provisions