COVID-19 update

Learn how CalCPA is taking precautions for COVID-19 at all of our live events by visiting our Coronavirus Resources and Information page. For those who would prefer to attend virtually, all conferences are live streamed via webcast. 

School Districts Conference Webcast
School Districts Conference Webcast
 April 17, 2020 // Webcast // CPE: 8
Gain insights on the latest industry developments, updates about financial statements/internal controls and cover challenges surrounding school district compliance.

women's leadership forum
Los Angeles
April 24, 2020 // Webcast // CPE: 8
Gain insights about acquiring a competitive edge with leadership development and career-propelling concepts. 

Governmental Accounting and auditing
Governmental Accounting & Auditing Virtual Conference
May 5, 2020 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
This annual update for CPAs and financial professionals working in governmental accounting and auditing includes updates from experts on current and proposed standards, learn what will impact you and your clients today—and what is on the horizon.

not-for-profit organizations
Not-for-Profit Conference
May 20 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
Engage with speakers who lead sessions covering topics ranging from new and developing tax issues to effective controls and private endowments. 

employee benefit plans annual audit
Employee Benefit Plans Annual Audit Virtual Conference
June 12, 2020 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
Learn about the complexities, trending issues and steps you can take to be up to date on regulatory, audit and accounting requirements, perform quality audits and serve your clients with timely and accurate advice. 

entertainment industry
Entertainment Industry Virtual Conference
June 23, 2020 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
Learn about critical legislative and regulatory developments, as well as get up to speed on other trending topics.

estate and trust planning
Estate and Trust Planning Conference
July 13 & 14, 2020 // Virtual Conference // CPE: 8
Gain in-depth understanding, effective strategies and connections with expert professionals who specialize in estate and trust planning.

cannabis industry
California Cannabis Industry Symposium
 Aug. 7, 2020 //  Bay Area | Webcast // CPE: 8
Gain an understanding of new and recently implemented policies, practical insights to serving cannabis-industry clients and get takeaways from accounting experts, attorneys and business owners.

farmers tax and accounting
California Cannabis Industry Symposium
 Oct. 1, 2020 //  Fresno | Webcast // CPE: 8
Learn how to resolve complex tax, audit and operational challenges, as well as get current on accounting and economic trends, incentives and key tax and audit developments.

family law
Family Law Conference
 Oct. 22 & 23, 2020 //  Los Angeles & Bay Area | Webcast // CPE: 8
This conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet, mingle and discuss your questions with judicial officers, accountants and lawyers who specialize in family law.

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