Drive for Diversity and Inclusion

Presenting career options to students and preparing them for a successful future are key factors in building a stronger tomorrow for both the students and the businesses that employ them. Additionally, a diverse and inclusive workforce is necessary for businesses to remain relevant and competitive. To address these matters, CalCPA Institute has launched a Diversity & Inclusion High School Outreach Initiative. The goals of the program are to:

  • Raise awareness of the CPA profession among underrepresented and underserved student populations;
  • Connect students with local universities with accounting programs;
  • Foster relationships between students and local CPA firms;
  • Increase the number of high school students who decide to pursue accounting as a college major and seek CPA licensure; and
  • Bring financial literacy education to the classroom.

Explore the many opportunities that a career in accounting can offer.

For High School Educators
Request an Accounting Professional to Visit Your School

As a school administrator, or teacher, you’re preparing students for a successful future through your efforts in the classroom. As an organization of accounting professionals, CalCPA also has an interest in helping students prepare for a successful future. Our member volunteers are available to speak about opportunities and pathways in accounting careers and financial literacy in your school. To learn more about how we can make an impact in your classroom, please complete this form.
Resources for Educators.

For Members - Volunteer!
Volunteer to help raise awareness of the many career paths an accounting degree can grant a student by presenting in a classroom. Your participation also grows the accounting profession at the ground level.

Whether you think diversity is good for your own business, good for the profession in general or you simply want to inspire young minorities in your area, please volunteer. By doing so, you will be making a difference!

For Firms
Understanding the client’s culture and decision process is important in forming business relationships, which is why it’s key to increase the number of minorities entering the accounting profession, particularly in California. Help build the pipeline by offering tours to local high school students and providing opportunities to learn from staff about their day-to-day experiences applying accounting concepts. This partnership will provide high school students with connections to local CPA firms to expose students to a professional working environment, as well as teach them how concepts learned in the classroom apply to real life business situations and decisions. For more information please contact David Lo.

For Colleges and Universities
If you would be interested in hosting our participating high school students for a classroom visit or campus tour, please contact David Lo.