Palm Springs CPE Week

Palm Springs CPE Week

Nov. 26–30, 2018

Home to elegant Mid-Century Modern structures, Palm Springs was the go-to getaway for the likes of the Rat Pack, Elvis and other Hollywood stars and its charming retro-chic still brings visitors today! Enjoy the aerial tramway on the way to Mt. San Jacinto, eccentric attractions like the World’s Biggest Dinosaurs, shopping at the River and on El Paseo or golfing at one of many world-renown courses. There is no better place to find sun, relaxation and education.

Example of the 2018 Agenda

Multistate Taxation of Flow-Through Entities with Kathleen K. Wright, CPA, J.D., LL.M.
CPE: 8 | MCLE: 6.5 | CTEC-CA: 4
Focus on the methods states tax flow-through entities and look at their income base and rate structure. Discuss all types of flow-through entities with an emphasis on LLCs, S corporations and trusts. Plus, explore the "doing business" concept and how it applies to flow-through entities that are organized outside the state. Attendees will analyze how the income flows through to the partner, shareholder or member, and when the owner is deemed to be doing business in the state; look at the states that offer (and those that require) the filing of a composite tax return; dissect the requirements that apply to filing this unique tax return; and gain a full understanding regarding utilization of credits by both the multistate entity and their owners.
Retirement Distributions: Planning Options with Mary Kay Foss, CPA
CPE: 8 | MCLE: 6.5 | IRS-TX: 5 | CFP: 8 | CTEC-TX: 5 | MCLE LS-EP: 6.5
Retirement accounts are a critical asset for aging clients and forward-thinking families. Go beyond mere calculations and learn how to assist clients with retirement planning. Improper beneficiary choices and faulty distribution calculations can result in penalties or unnecessary taxes. Recent changes that affect late rollovers and relief for those in disaster areas show that the law in this area is dynamic and updates are necessary. Course materials contain final regulations governing plan distributions and copies of all appropriate IRS forms and rulings. Updated with the latest cases, rulings, regulations and legislation, this course provides the necessary tools to serve clients who are about to retire or begin IRA withdrawals on their own or as a beneficiary.
Review of Significant Accounting Topics with Mark Dauberman, CPA
CPE: 8 | AA: 8
Address areas of accounting that present challenges for financial statement preparers of nonpublic entities. Learn about the information necessary to understand these issues and explore practical, applicable approaches. Attendees have the option to further participate by requesting specific areas of accounting to be addressed in the course. The inclusion of suggestions are added when possible (the option unavailable to web re-broadcast attendees).
Fundamentals of 1031 Exchanges with G. Scott Haislet, CPA, Esq.
CPE: 8 | ET: 2 | MCLE: 6.5 | IRS-TX: 8 | CTEC-TX: 8 | MCLE LS-TX: 6.5
This authoritative course covers critical aspects, common problem areas and strategies for successful 1031 exchanges. Examine Form 8824 preparation, replacement property adjusted basis computations, advanced 1031 strategies and more. Additionally, study advanced 1031 exchange strategies such as reverse exchange, partners/TIC structures, and improvement exchanges (including "Bartell" parking arrangements).
GAAP Update with Mark Dauberman, CPA
CPE: 8 | AA: 8
Stay on top of accounting principles by reviewing pronouncements issued since 2016, and selected pronouncements from earlier years, including those by the FASB Private Company Council and other amendments to the FASB Accounting Standards Codification. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the pronouncements as they relate to you and your clients, as well as information on significant pronouncements that are likely to be issued soon. Plus, determine the appropriate time to apply these guidelines to transactions and arrangements with similar characteristics for which there is no authoritative guidance.
Settled and Approved: Fiduciary Accounting from Start to Finish with Michael Gerson, Esq.
CPE: 8 | AA: 8 | MCLE: 6.5 | MCLE LS-EP: 6.5
Typically, trustees and executors must account annually while conservators and guardians account every two years. Few attorneys and CPAs who represent fiduciaries understand how to prepare and present fiduciary accountings. Explore differences between fiduciary accounting and tax and financial accounting. Real-world examples will be used to move from basic concepts of fiduciary accounting to more complicated aspects of the Uniform Principal and Income Act; and discuss techniques for highlighting the fiduciary's good deeds while mitigating the bad. Also, explore fiduciary fees and the challenges CPAs face when they serve as trustees.
California Ethics and Fraud Case Studies with Suzan Dennis, CPA, J.D., LL.M
CPE: 8 | AA: 4 | ET: 4 | FR: 4
Examine case studies that focus on the ethical dilemmas, fraud findings and various ethics issues affecting California CPAs. The case studies reviewed will test the participants' knowledge of threats and safeguards.
Financial Statement Analysis: Unraveling the Mystery For Management with William F. O'Brien, CPA, MBA
CPE: 8 | AA: 8
Accounting and financial reporting seem like foreign languages to many non-financial professionals. Use this program to get all stakeholders on the same financial literacy page. Learn to communicate more effectively with the recipients of financial information by reviewing the basics of financial statements and financial reporting; build an understanding of the power of routine financial statement analysis; discover the connection between analysis and action and learn how this can impact the standard-setting process.
Inland Empire Chapter Attorneys Bankers and CPAs Networking Mixer
Be part of the networking opportunity of the year! Attorneys, Bankers, CPAs and other financial professionals in association with the Education Foundation Palm Springs CE week is taking place in November. Come see old friends and make some new ones while enjoying light hors d'oeuvres, and one beer/wine ticket which are included.
Palm Spring CPE week attendees will receive a discounted rate of $30.
Federal and California Tax Update for Individuals with Annette Nellen, CPA, CGMA, Esq. and Gary R. McBride, CPA, Esq., J.D., LL.M.
CPE: 8 | MCLE: 6.5 | IRS-FTL: 8 | CFP: 8 | CTEC-FTL: 8 | MCLE LS-TX: 6.5
This in-depth analysis of the year's important changes in Federal and California tax law will take you through new legislation, TCJA guidance, regulations, cases, rulings and other important developments affecting individual taxpayers.
The Accountant's Role in Mergers and Acquisitions with Nancy Rix, CPA
CPE: 8 | AA: 8
Review issues professionals encounter in assisting clients who are selling or buying mid-size companies. Examine the accountant advisor's essential role in drafting and structuring purchase-price adjustment mechanisms, due diligence and accounting for transactions. Review considerations such as buyer/seller perspectives and preferences, letters of intent, significant components of definitive purchase agreements, and the high-level tax considerations of buyers/sellers—including the implications of Section 338(h)(10) elections. Explore the M&A process from non-disclosure agreement to the post-closing operation, focusing on the CPA’s role and ways to help clients.
The Portable Exclusion, Marital Deduction and Future of Survivor's and Bypass Trusts Planning with J. Randall Gardner, CPA, CFP, J.D.
CPE 8 | MCLE 6.5 | CFP 8 | MCLE LS-TX 6.5 | MCLE LS-EP 6.5
More frequently, clients need to simultaneously address the estate, gift, generation-skipping, income, and property tax implications of estate plans. Dive deep into the pros and cons of relying on the portable exclusion to avoid estate tax. Further, examine the role of the marital deduction and find ways to maximize planning opportunities by building flexibility into the modern estate plan. Cover the qualitative and quantitative implications of various strategies as they apply to everyday scenarios.
Accounting and Auditing Update with Nancy Rix, CPA
CPE: 8 | AA: 8
This annual update covers activities of the Private Company Council (PCC), FASB trends and reviews SAS and SSARS. Stay current on new standards related to financial accounting, compilation and review, and auditing. Learn about specific requirements of the standards and their potential impact on financial statements as well as what's in the pipeline regarding proposed standards. Discuss activities of the PCC and what's on the FASB agenda.
Federal and California Tax Update for Businesses and Estates with Annette Nellen, CPA, CGMA, Esq. and Gary R. McBride, CPA, Esq., J.D., LL.M.
CPE: 8 | MCLE: 6.5 | IRS-FTL: 8 | CTEC-FTL: 8 | MCLE LS-TX: 6.5
Stay current on tax law changes that impact you and your practice. Dive into the latest federal and California tax developments affecting C and S corps, partnerships, estates, trusts and exempt organizations. This course will examine details of new legislation, guidance on the TCJA, 2018 cases and rulings and provide valuable planning and practice insights.
Not-for-Profit Organizations: Accounting Principles and Risk Management with Anne Freiermuth, CPA
CPE: 8 | AA: 8
Not-for-profit organizations are one of the fastest-growing sectors of our economy, making it increasingly important that auditors, attorneys, CFOs and other advisers understand the unique accounting principles and challenges that apply. Examine the core principles and practices of not-for-profit accounting; review the general characteristics and operational environment of not-for-profit organizations; and discuss how to apply generally accepted standards and principles. Also, learn risk management best practices and common accounting errors.