CPA Success Skills

NEW! To be competitive in today’s market, CPAs need to hone certain skill sets to be successful. These four courses provide the necessary skills to enhance communication, improve negotiation skills, stay on top of current issues and develop the tools needed for effective time management. Experience a comprehensive overview in each area while covering case studies and topic summaries relevant to each course.

Instructor: David L. Osburn, MBA

CPA Success Skills Series Bundle 2
Negotiation Skill Building | CPE: 2 10/25 » 11 a.m. Webcast
Communications skills training for the CPA | CPE: 2 11/20 » 11 a.m. Webcast
Small Business Issues in Today’s Market | CPE: 2 1/8 » 11 a.m. Webcast
Time Management for CPAs | CPE: 2 12/20 » 11 a.m. Webcast