Financial Reporting

NEW! A recent IFRS Foundation survey found that 116 of 140 jurisdictions required IFRS for all or most companies. With this global acceptance, and as more than 500 foreign companies are reporting to the SEC using IFRS, you need to be able to read and understand the differences between IFRS and U.S. GAAP financial reports.

Instructor: Bobbe Barnes, CPA, CMA, CGFM

Financial Reporting Series Bundle 2
Financial Reporting: Assets and Liabilities (U.S. GAAP vs IFRS) | CPE: 2 11/14 » 11 a.m. Webcast
Financial Reporting: Miscellaneous Topics (U.S. GAAP vs IFRS) | CPE: 2 11/21 » 11 a.m. Webcast
Financial Reporting: Presentation (U.S. GAAP vs IFRS) | CPE: 2 11/7 » 11 a.m. Webcast