Onsite Learning

Onsite Training

Bring an Education Foundation Program Directly to your Organization

It’s convenient, cost-effective and most importantly – a powerful educational experience! Whether you are looking to fill regulatory requirements, stay current with annual updates, introduce trending topics or delve into specific training needs, Onsite Learning provides a personal group learning environment where you can raise questions and have discussions that are directly related to your business.

Why Choose Onsite Learning?

  • Maximize flexibility with timing and location
  • Increase engagement by training your staff together as a team
  • Tailor high quality programs to meet your needs
  • Enable direct interaction with top rated instructors
  • Target course discussions to include proprietary issues
  • Save money by cutting down on individual travel expenses
  • Ensure the fulfillment of your CPA compliance requirements

 Choose from the Following Curriculum Areas

Select from over 150 CalCPA Education Foundation programs in addition to the hundreds of AICPA and vendor programs. AICPA courses are available as a content only option if you choose to provide your own Subject Matter Expert. Don’t see the program you are looking for, just ask onsite@calcpa.org.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you are looking for one program or need advice building your curriculum for the year, CalCPA Education Foundation can help.

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