Remote Webcast Instructor

 Following is general information for our speakers and instructors who are interested in offering their presentation virtually.

General Questions:

  • What brand of computer do you have?
  • What OS version are you running?
  • What processor type and speed?
  • Is your webcam and mic built-in or separate? If separate, please provide the brand/model.


  • Hardwire ethernet connection; minimum internet speed of 5 mbps upload
  • Webcam and microphone
  • Alternative options for those who cannot connect via hardwire and with a webcam/microphone will be addressed case-by-case.

One month prior to course date:

  • A webcast producer will schedule test and recording

Two weeks prior to course date:

  • Recording will be done.
Live Presentation

One month prior to course date:

  • A webcast producer will schedule a test and discuss logistics.

Two weeks before course date:

  • Testing system for connection, audio/video/screen share and usability.

30–60 minutes before presentation:

  • Join the webcast producer online based on results from prior testing.

For all testing: It is important that it is done from the same location, connection and device that the webcast will be presented from.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a test/recording before a member of the webcast team contacts you, please email: