Remote Webcast Information

 Following is general information for our speakers and faculty who are offering their presentation virtually.

General Questions

  • Will you use a Mac or PC?
  • Have you used Zoom before?
  • Are you directly connected to the internet via wired connection such as ethernet?


  • It is recommended that you are hardwired to the internet. If you are unable to hardwire, please try to be seated within close range of your wireless router to avoid connection issues.
  • Alternative options for those who cannot connect via hardwire and with a webcam/microphone will be addressed case-by-case.

Virtual Background

To ensure consistence among all of our educational offerings, a virtual background will be provided by the producer and required for all virtual presentations. CalCPA has tested numerous backgrounds and has confirmed the one chosen will represent all of our faculty well.

In the event that a virtual background cannot be used due to technical constraints, the following options are acceptable, upon confirmation and approval of a webcast producer:

  • Solid/light neutral wall or solid backdrop (e.g., drapes)
  • Professional/office background that is free from distraction, clutter, other individuals, pets, noise, personal items.


Computer microphone or ear buds are preferred rather than the over-the-ear microphones.


  • Appropriate lighting as guided by the producer.
  • Lighting should target the face of the speaker and avoid shadows, darkness or extreme contrast.

For all testing: It is important that testing is done from the same location, connection and device that the webcast will be presented from.



One month prior to seminar date: A webcast producer will schedule system test and recording, usually for the same day.

Two–three weeks prior to course date: Recording will be done.

Live Presentation

One month prior to course date: A webcast producer will schedule a system test and discuss logistics.

Two weeks before course date: Testing system for connection, audio/video/screen share and usability.

30–60 minutes before presentation: Join the webcast producer online based on results from prior testing.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a test/recording before a member of the webcast team contacts you, please email:

Download our current PPT template to be used for all seminars and conferences.