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Now there is an entirely new way to learn and earn your CPE! Delivered through a free app, ProDio audio courses offer immersive “story-style” audio courses that are engaging, relevant and verifiable to help professionals be more effective in their jobs. Courses are led by expert instructors who have years of expertise in their fields and are actively participating in their respective industries.

This innovative new format offers maximum flexibility for learning on the go. Here’s how it works:

ProDio Course 


Courses are 2-4 credit hours long made up of modules of 10-15 minutes each.

ProDio Quiz


Courses include a multiple choice quiz to verify your learning.

ProDio Certificate


After successfully finishing all modules and quizzes in the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

ProDio History


ProDio tracks your CPE credits and history of completed courses and keeps this history for you.

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Course completion certificates can be accessed any time for verification.

ProDio Access


Your purchased courses will be available for a full year after purchase.


ProDio Mobile Audio Courses


NEW! Intercultural Leadership USA | Member $79 | Nonmember $99

Recognize the importance of intercultural leadership and identify how to acknowledge and address bias and racism in the workplace.

CPE: 3


Acing Your Strategy | Member $79 | Nonmember $99 | CPE: 3

We all know a little about strategy, but do we really understand “Why” and “How” to plan effectively, and the human factor that often causes our planning attempts to fail? This course reveals the essential issues involved in strategy and planning, most often people issues.

CPE: 3


Conflict Management: From the Inside Out | Member $79 | Nonmember $99

What is conflict and what is about conflict that makes us do anything to avoid it? When conflict is avoided, the consequences of unaddressed emotions and frustrations become even more severe.

CPE: 3


Conflicts of Interest Unpacked | Member $65 | Nonmember $79

In this course, you’ll learn about some of your key professional obligations regarding conflicts of interest. You’ll also determine how to recognize situations that might pose conflicts of interest so that you can avoid them or deal with them effectively.

CPE: 2, ET: 2


Digital Transformation | Member $79 | Nonmember $99

This course covers the most critical knowledge and skills needed to become an effective ‘digital leader’ – someone who can thrive in a leadership role in this new and challenging environment.

CPE: 3


Employee Engagement | Member $79 | Nonmember $99

In this course, you will learn about employee engagement best practices that you can apply directly in the workplace to help raise engagement levels in your organization.

CPE: 3


Ethical Client Acquisition | Member $95 | Nonmember $119

This course is for Accounting Professionals who want to improve their skills in engaging with clients or customers, including how to proactively manage the client acquisition cycle to attract more of the right clients, more quickly. Professionals will learn effective client acquisition techniques and how to apply proven client acquisition practices in a way that is consistent with the International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.

CPE: 4, ET: 4


Ethics Conversations | Member $95 | Nonmember $119

In this course, you will hear typical scenarios that take place at the boardroom table and less formal conversations that happen in the hallways. We will also hear thoughts on building and maintaining an ethics-based culture from respected colleagues and experts in the field.

CPE: 4 , ET: 4


Focus on Change | Member $95 | Nonmember $119

This course packed full of expert knowledge on the “real-world” of change management. From your approach to change, types of change, behavior and history to how to integrate various practices such as design thinking, systems thinking and graphic recording into your change toolkit - you'll gain practical, valuable insight that will help with your next change project.

CPE: 4


Leading Through Influence | Member $79 | Nonmember $99

In this course, we talk to experts as we explore this concept of influence and why it is so important to long-term success in leadership.   This course will expand your understanding of this word “Influence” and provide you with a practical understanding and tools to improve your ability to develop interpersonal influence in leadership.

CPE: 3


Professional Skepticism | Member $85 | Nonmember $109

The goal for this session is to explore risk areas where information and messages can be presented to deceive us, and how we can fool ourselves as a result of our own implicit biases. Just as importantly, the course examines how professional skepticism fits into our obligations as CPAs within the Code of Professional Conduct, primarily by supporting the requirements for objectivity, due care and professional competence.

CPE: 3.5


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