Business Writing Series

Take your business writing skills to the next level. These four courses touch on grammar and punctuation, writing organization, writing for maximum impact and taking those skills to create effective emails. Review syntax rules and cover essential writing tips that will help improve efficiency and communication.

Instructor: Elizabeth Danziger

10 Principles of Effective Email

A single email can capsize a client relationship, trigger a lawsuit, or spark a profitable new business deal. Endless email checking drains productivity and ruins focus. Effectively managing and sensibly writing emails are core competencies because email is business writing. Participants will plan and write a subject line for a work email, adjust the tone of a sample document, and construct strategies to avoid email overload.

Writing and Revising for Maximum Impact

In this fast-paced, interactive course, learn five principles for writing strong sentences. Principles include: writing with verbs; using the active voice; simplifying sentences; and writing for the reader. Also, explore three essential editing principles that help provide quick and accurate correction. Gain the skillset to write clearly and concisely.

Highlights of Grammar and Punctuation

People judge your intelligence, professionalism, and competence based on grammar and punctuation. Don't let simple errors undermine your messaging or hamper the opportunity to move ahead in an organization. In this fast-paced webinar, learn the secrets to common grammar and punctuation issues, including singular-plural agreement, sentence structure, and dangling modifiers. Also, review correct usage of the comma, hyphen, apostrophe, and semicolon.

Planning and Organizing Your Writing

The most critical writing decisions happen before writing begins. Knowing the purpose, analyzing the reader, and focusing points will determine whether or not your message generates the results you desire. You will also discover three essential elements of a well-structured document that enable readers to understand and accept your message.