New Manager Series

Becoming a new manager requires a certain set of skills to be fine-tuned and developed over time. However, as most new managers realize, time is not an expendable commodity. Make the most of your minutes with these easy-to-digest webcasts that will help you maximize your potential in your new role.

Instructor: Erin Daiber, CPA

Making the Shift from Individual Contributor to Supervisor

Recognize the impact of your leadership on those around you. Create the shift from 'Me' to 'We' and utilize a growth mindset. Identify what kind of leader you want to be. Set Intentions and Goals for your development through the series.

Balancing Leadership and Likeability

Identify your reactive leadership tendencies and how they show up, especially under pressure. Recognize what is driving your desire to be liked and where you’re giving away your power. Learn the importance of building trust and relationships with team members and develop tools to get started. Learn steps to gain influence with your team to generate results.

Are You Managing or Leading

Distinguish the difference between traditional management and leadership. Mentoring vs. Coaching vs. Management and when to use them. Develop techniques for using intentional communication to build relationships and trust. Build confidence and effectiveness in one-on-one meetings.

The How To's of Leading

Understand the basics of employee engagement. Identify what gets in your way when it comes to Delegation. Learn the four steps to using delegation as a development and engagement tool. Learn how to effectively provide feedback, both formally and informally.