Put the spotlight on business clients with this intermediate level bundle designed to aid in cash management, business valuation, fraud prevention and performance analysis. Designed as a sequential webcast experience, gain tips, insights and additional knowledge that will enable you to be your client's biggest asset. Join William F. O'Brien, CPA, MBA and earn 2 hours of CPE per session.

Spotlight Series
Spotlight on Strategic Cash Management | CPE: 2; FR: 2
Businesses depend on having adequate capital and cash flow. While someone else may handle day-to-day cash management procedures, the CFO must take the lead in strategic cash management decisions.
12/18 » 6:30 a.m. Webcast | 8:30 a.m. Webcast
Spotlight on Valuing a Business | CPE: 2, AA: 2
Discuss various business valuation methods whether for a start-up, spin-off or acquisition at any stage.
12/18 » 8:30 a.m. Webcast | 10:30 a.m. Webcast
Spotlight on Performance Analysis: Identifying Profit Improvement Opportunities | CPE: 2, AA: 2, FR: 2
Discover ways to make your company more profitable. Learn how to use operational auditing and performance improvement techniques to identify and implement cost saving operating controls and processes.
12/18 » 11 a.m. Webcast | 1 p.m. Webcast
Spotlight on Fraud Prevention | CPE: 2, FR: 2, AA: 2
This session will examine various types of frauds and discuss ways to prevent, detect and investigate these activities. Fraud will affect you in some manner; prepare for the inevitable.
12/18 » 1 p.m. Webcast | 3 p.m. Webcast