Technology Certificate

Technological change is rapidly affecting every aspect of society and work. Accounting professionals must keep abreast of these advances to be in touch with their clients and to understand how they affect their firms.

CalCPA’s Technology Certificate Program (TCP) is designed to give accountants and financial professionals just what they need to know to improve technology competency and skills. Recipients will leverage digital tools and resources to gain a foundational understanding of Cybersecurity, Digital Currencies, Data Analytics. These courses are led by objective experts who understand the intersections of accounting, finance, and technology.

Included in the program is a free 1.0 CPE course providing an overview of technology and its impact on our industry.

  • Get introduced to data analytics concepts and tools (Tableau, Excel Power BI, Big Data) to understand their services, customers and what you can easily do.
  • Understand the fundamentals of Blockchain technology - the backbone of cryptocurrency. Blockchain stores and authenticates information about every asset and individual, opening the door to new capabilities.
  • How to keep your office cyber secure with updated firewalls, two-factor authentication and lockdown your servers and the cloud.

3 Easy Steps

1. Take the required Technology Certificate Overview, 1 CPE - FREE one-hour CPE on-demand starting April 22.

2. Take 12 CPE hours from the courses listed below to earn the CalCPA Technology Certificate. Click on each course below to get more information. Select a bundle or any combination that you choose and boost your value and relevance! If the bundle doesn’t work with your schedule, select from the choices below.

Here's a summer bundle to start:

  • May 23: Tableau Jumpstart for Executives, CPE: 2
  • June 10: K2's Microsoft Power BI—Power Reporting For Free, CPE: 2
  • June 13: Basics and Benefits of Mobile Apps, CPE: 2
  • June 14: Implications of the Cloud on Finance: A Layman's Guide, CPE: 2
  • July 31: Digital Currency Revolutions: How Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are Changing Commerce, CPE: 4

3. Request your certificate—Upon verification, the certificate will be awarded and mailed to you within 2 weeks.


  • Data Breach – Cyber Security Awareness, CPE: 2 (coming soon)
  • Identity Theft – They are Really Out to Get You, CPE: 2 (coming soon)

How to Register

CalCPA offers a few ways to register. You may:

  • Register online
  • Contact Customer Service (800) 922-5272
    (M–F 7 a.m.–5 p.m. PST)

Also, review our handy "How to Register" instructions.

How to Request Your Certificate

After you have earned 13 CPE from the above listed courses, submit your request for the CalCPA Technology Certificate here. Upon verification, the certificate will be awarded and mailed to you within 2 weeks.