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February 11, 2019 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
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Webcast Rebroadcast
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CPE 8.00, AA 8.00
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Financial professionals sometimes get wrapped up in the preparation process that forgetting to see the whole picture occurs. Learn how to assist businesses by uncovering and examining clues using financial statement analysis.

Review financial data from real organizations and practice calculating ratios, develop relationships and understand how the pieces all come together to tell the story of a business.

Materials are provided as an ebook.


  • Identify what the balance sheet tells you about a company and why its categories are important in financial statement analysis.
  • Determine a statement of cash flow's relationship to the other statements and understand its relationship to the big picture.
  • Identify how to pull out major issues from an income statement.
  • Determine how to better evaluate budget to actual reports.
  • Identify what other information is key to understanding an organization's financial position.

Major Subjects:

  • What income statements bring to the table.
  • What a statement of cash flows tells us about the management of an organization.
  • Interrelationships of the numbers.
  • Reading and understanding budget to actual reports.
  • Tips and ideas to use in tracking the story of your organization.

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This course will adjourn at 4 p.m.

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An understanding of financial statements and the interrelationships between the statements as well as experience in preparing financial statements.

Designed For:

CPAs and financial professionals.


Dr Alisa Lee Hunt
Alisa Lee Hunt is the founder of Day 2 Day Business, Inc., a firm set up to assist clients with understanding financial information. After 15 years of practice in accounting where she discovered that a major problem was the communication of financial data, she now assists those in the financial world with communication of financial information to others. She has been teaching the communication of financial information for the last several years and has spoken throughout the United States, in Canada and the United Kingdom. Hunt is a professor teaching accounting and business to undergraduate and graduate students in Connecticut. She teaches finance, accounting, creativity, diversity and leadership classes.

Hunt has been working with businesses and individuals for the past 20 years. She is experienced in management and what it takes to be a top-of-the-line manager and leader. She uses this experience to train others in management and leadership. She has also had experience in motivation and stress reduction, helping to motivate others to be the best they can be. Hunt has inspired others to evaluate what they are doing with their lives and to make positive improvements. Her personal mission statement is to “leave every situation/company/individual better than she found it. She does whatever it takes to make a positive difference in every situation she encounters. Training should be not only a learning experience, but a fun learning experience.”

Hunt adds fun to her training and her keynotes in an attempt to explain concepts and make the experience one to remember, and believes the little things make all the difference. With her help, you will gain a better understanding of what the financial reports mean, how to use them, and how to present your own financial information for management approval. Call her in and she will collaborate with you to design a program that will improve your financial expertise. Her programs include keynotes, full and half day trainings, consulting and team and individual coaching. She can help you to earn the keys to understanding your financial reports; presentation skills that will put you and your ideas at the top of everyone’s list; and the best way to use the financial information for success.

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