EB Low Cost Education All Day | E1111016

Date :
October 29, 2016 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Location :
East Bay Area
Facility :
Crow Canyon Country Club
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Low Cost Education Bundle: 4 events at 60% discount (all on Oct. 29):
E1112016: Economic Update and Investment in Your Future. CPE: 2 hours
E1112116: Goal setting and Achievement. CPE: 2 hours (nontechnical)
E1112216: Wage and Hour Best Practices. CPE: 2 hours (nontechical)
E1112316: A&A Update. CPE: 2 hours | AA: 2 hours
Speakers include:  David Karlsson, CPA, Chris Hughes, CFP, Bradley K. Warren, Business Coach, and Robert Nuddleman, Esq.
Bundle Fees:
$120/Member Early Bird (extended)
$160/Nonmember Early Bird (exteded)
Individually, fee for each event is $75/member early bird; $100/nonmember/early bird


  • Hear the latest news during the A&A and economic updates
  • Learn strategies for maximizing social security and value in 529 Plans 
  • Explore strategies for setting up action plans and achieving goals
  • Hear Wage & Hour best practicies

Major Subjects:

Session #1: 8:30-10:10  "Economic Update and Investing in Your Future” by Chris Hughes, CFP, Wealth Advisor – Del Monte Group, LLC.  | E1112016
CPE: 2 hours  
  • Market update; Social Security planning strategies; Gold as an investment; Maximize value of 529 Plans; To Roth or Not to Roth; Questions and answers 
Session #2: 10:20- Noon  “Goal Setting and Achievement” by Bradley K. Warren, Business Coach and Seminar Leader of Bradley K. Warren and Associates, Inc. | E1112116
CPE: 2 hours - Nontechnical 
  • "Those who do not have goals are doomed forever to work for those who do." – Brian Tracy; What are goals and why have them?; What are the different types of goals?; Where do goals come from?; 7 step process for setting and achieving your goals; SMART Goals; Set your action plan and how to be accountable to it
Noon -1:00    Lunch (included only with all day admission)
Session #3: 1:00-2:40      “Wage & Hour Best Practices – How to Best Advise Your Clients in this Complex Area” by Robert Nuddleman, Principal Attorney at Nuddleman Law Firm, P.C. | E1112216
CPE: 2 hours 
  • Employees v. Independent Contractors; Applicable laws and agencies; Basic pay requirements; Exempt & non-exempt employees; Meal and rest periods; How/when to pay employees; Employees in our about the home
Session #4: 2:50 – 4:30   “A&A Update” by David Karlsson, CPA - Shareholder- Karlsson & Lane, An Accountancy Corporation | E1112316
CPE; 2 hours | AA: 2 hours 
  • Update on newly issued guidance: Leasing; Revenue recognition; Deferred taxes; Goodwill; Defined contribution / benefit plans; Inventory
  • What’s in the pipeline at the FASB?

Advanced Prep:


Misc. Information:

Continental breakfast and lunch are included.
Designed For:
CPAs and financial planners.


Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes CFP, wealth advisor, has been helping families with their investments and financial planning since 2006. Chris is an expert in social security analysis and planning, helping clients in transition to retirement, and setting up safe withdrawal strategies to ensure clients can meet their income needs without outliving their nest egg. Chris holds an M.S. in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, as well as a B.S. in Business Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara.
David Thomas Karlsson, CPA
David Karlsson, CPA, has extensive experience providing closely held businesses and nonprofit organizations with a personalized and focused approach to their operations. David brings experience in providing audit and consulting services to industries including distribution, manufacturing, services, retail, charitable community services, the fine arts, private schools, and a wide range of member organizations. David has performed volunteer services for organizations such as Hill Country Conservancy, Junior Achievement and Meals on Wheels. David has served on the executive committee for Girls Empowerment Network of Austin (GENAustin), Rotary Club of Dublin, and the Tri-Valley Pillars' Board Match Event. David currently serves as board member and executive committee member of Hope Hospice, Inc. David has lectured on issues surrounding public accounting and nonprofit entities for organizations such as the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, Burr Pilger & Mayer’s Nonprofit Roundtable Series, Saint Mary’s College of California, and San Francisco State University.
Robert Nuddleman
Robert Nuddleman is the owner and primary attorney at the Nuddleman Law Firm, P.C. He represents individuals and companies in federal and state court and various administrative agencies such as the California Department of Industrial Relations (Labor Commissioner), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. A significant focus of Mr. Nuddleman’s practice relates to wage and hour claims, breach of contract, trade secret protection, claims of sex, race, age, and pregnancy discrimination and/or harassment and accommodating persons with disabilities. Mr. Nuddleman advises and represents business clients in employment and business matters in an attempt to avoid litigation and reduce potential exposure to claims of all kinds in light of developing law. A particular focus of Mr. Nuddleman’s practice includes advising caregiver agencies, trustees, conservators, families, residential care facilities, care homes and others regarding wage and hour and employment laws in the elder care industry. Mr. Nuddleman frequently presents seminars and workshops regarding workplace disputes and compliance with federal, state and local employment laws.
Bradley K Warren
Using a very practical, down-to-earth approach in both his coaching and training, Brad brings over 36 years experience in a number of fields to his work. Utilizing a lot of humor and audience participation in his custom designed seminars, he gets the job done by working closely with the client in the beginning to figure out “the gap” between where the participants are and where the company wants them to be at the end of the training. Likewise with his coaching clients, Brad spends a significant amount of time up front determining what the clients’ goals are, and then designing a program to reach those goals. He believes that the client drives the agenda – Brad is the coach/trainer, the client is the performer.
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