Cultivating Agile Thinking and Brave Action in Trying Times: We can’t make hard things easy, only easier | 4204575A


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December 2, 2020 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Virtual Learning+
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CPE 2.00
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This year has been a year like none other. It has revealed our weaknesses, challenged our resiliency, and clouded our perspective. 2020 has also brought large-scale change momentum, where previously there was large-scale resistance. This is unsettling because we (as in people at large) like to feel competent, and relatively certain that we are going to be able to handle whatever gets thrown at us each day. We like low-risk and certain rewards which is not an option for leaders in 2020.

This workshop aims to build the knowledge, perspective, and skills to navigate uncertainty with agility and courage. To evolve your leadership to the next level, and to make the journey a little easier for those you lead. We will explore the nature of complexity, the differentiators in agile mindsets, and the connection between professional courage and decisiveness. You can count on interactivity, and the opportunity to apply pLink Leadership tools and techniques to improve your understanding of your context, gain some strategic insight and level up your leadership.


  • Identify important changes in your context and the implications to your professional/personal trajectories.
  • Understand the distinction between response and reaction and how outcomes correlate.
  • Identify your patterns of emotional response/reaction.
  • Practice shifting the pattern.
  • Identify, and prioritize where you want to focus to improve your outcomes.

Major Subjects:

  • Your Context: Complex vs. Complicated
  • Your Resistance: the nature of “big change” and “doing hard things”
  • Your Agility: the Shut Down & the Spin Out
  • Your Brain in Uncertain Terrain: the Stories We Tell
  • Leading Self and Others: Using big change to bounce forward

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Business Management and Organization
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CPAs invested in improving their leadership.


Gretchen Pisano
With 18 years of experience co-developing sound business strategy supporting her, Gretchen specializes in the development of human potential across the personal/professional spectrum of life. Gretchen brings significant consulting, teaching and coaching experience in the areas of strategic planning and insight, accelerated leadership skills, executive presence, heightened self-awareness, social intelligence, pro-active well-being and resiliency. Gretchen’s clients learn how to leave their mark on the world, in the process finding the “sweet spot” overlap of their strengths, their passions and what others value. Whether entrepreneurial or leading an executive team of a multi-national organization, her clients are left with a deep sense of self and a personalized, compelling, vision in common. Gretchen has worked with senior leaders, executive teams and emerging talent in the fields of technology, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, public relations and finance. In the social benefit sector she has worked in the areas of Federal and state health and human services and ocean conservancy. In the public sector she has engaged with leadership in the World Bank, Army and Air National Guard and the U.S. Air Force. Gretchen has a Master Coach Certification from Martha Beck, Inc. and is in the process of earning her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coaching Federation. She has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Business from the University of Southern California. She has been trained by The Grove in visual facilitation and practiced as an international graphic facilitator for seven years. Gretchen is a qualified provider of Gallup’s Strength Based Leadership assessment, the VIA Pro: Character Strengths assessment, and she is certified for The Leadership Circle Profile. In addition to her work with the Coaching Center for Excellence, Gretchen heads Sounding Board Ink, a strategy consulting group with a global practice, and is a member of the teaching faculty with Martha Beck Inc. and the Business Learning Institute. Gretchen makes her home in Maryland, with her husband, three children, a couple of dogs and a cat.


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