Webcast: Top 10 Technology Risks and Trends Every CPA Should Know (12:30-4) | 4204478A

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June 30, 2020 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM
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CPE 4.00
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The use of technology by businesses of all types, including CPA firms, has exploded in recent years creating the need for proactive and robust cybersecurity risk management practices. This course will explore the most common technology risks and trends that every CPA should know to better advise and serve clients. In addition, this course explores audit procedures that can be performed to address the risk in this area.


Discuss current trends in information technology applications.
Explain how to best manage information technology-related risks that CPA firms face when providing professional services to clients.
Explain how auditors are leveraging technology on their engagements.
Describe the nonattest and attest service options available to assist clients with cybersecurity risk management.

Major Subjects:

Discuss importance of securing client data.
Describe how to avoid malware and other security threats.
Explore recent SEC cybersecurity guidance.
Discuss risks from the use of audit software.
Explain threats to independence resulting from hosting the client’s data.
Explore how data analytics are being applied in audits.
Explain the trends and risks related to blockchain.
Describe migrating data to a cloud-based environment.
Explore the recent Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework.
Discuss attest service options related to a client’s cybersecurity risk management program.

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CPAs in either public or private practice with accounting, financial reporting or attest responsibilities.


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