CNC Emerging Professionals: Workshop Series #2 | B1140719

Date :
July 17, 2019 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Location :
Central Coast
Facility :
The Kinney Hotel
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Join chapter leadership and local firms in this six-part mentorship series to enhance your accounting career. We’ll alternate three mentorship workshops with three networking nights to provide you with skills and tips to empower your career development.  
July Workshop: Facing the Feedback
Receiving feedback in the workplace can be stressful, confusing, deflating...and it can be hard to gain insight from others that is helpful and actionable. Above all, feedback is a conversation. Whether it’s coming from a supervisor or a peer, is in a formal review or a casual one-on-one—make those performance critiques as productive as possible. In this presentation, we’ll talk about effective communication techniques, what good feedback looks like, how to get the most
out of these conversations, and how to set professional, measurable goals.


Meet your fellow CalCPA Members in a casual workshop and networking setting while enhancing your professional development

Misc. Information:

Workshops will be rotated between local Central Coast Chapter firms. Attend all 3 Workshops and all 3 Mixers to be entered into a prize drawing.

$10/student members

Register for each event separately, Mixers are free to attend.
Field of Interest:
Personal Development
Designed For:
CalCPA members licenses 5 years or less, Candidate members, Student members and nonmember guests of any CalCPA member


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