Anticipate Development: Moving from Employee to Manager to Leader | 4194234D

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March 25, 2020 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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CPE 1.00
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When it comes to hiring, using a conventional hiring process may not be as reliant as flipping a coin. A coin flip may often be better because it would bypass a lot of hidden biases and inefficient processes. We need to get back with a clean sheet of paper and do it better. In this course we will look at improving a process that is deeply flawed, and we will look objectively and outside the box on things we can do to identify and hire high performers.


* Recognize the new roles of Manager and Leader from a beginning point of employee
* Understand how to set SMART goals and communicate them up and down the organizational chain.
* Recall the elements of leader credibility
* Identify successful and unsuccessful techniques used for motivating people
* Identify challenging factors when managing friends

Major Subjects:

* The differences between being an employee versus a manager or leader
* New skills needed
* Letting go of your old role
* Building a coaching culture
* Motivating people
* Goal setting
* Leader credibility
* Delegating tasks
* Handling feedback
* Managing friends
* Aligning Leadership with Strategy

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Personal Development
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CPAs and financial professionals


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