Becoming an AICPA Peer Review Team orReview Captain: Case Study Application | 4203788A

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July 13, 2020 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
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San Francisco Peninsula
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CPE 8.00, AA 8.00
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Apply your knowledge of the AICPA’s Peer Reviewer program to a practical application case study. This course features realistic case studies that encompassthe most important elements of a system peer review, as well as several case studies pertaining to an engagement review. As a current or future team and/or review captain, you'll learn to successfully plan, perform, and report on both system and engagement reviews. You'll also explore administrative and committee roles in the peer review program.




• Analyze the process of how to effectively plan system and engagement peer
• Identify steps needed to understand a firm’s system of quality control.
• Identify procedures used in testing the firm’s system.
• Choose recommendations for follow-up action to the administrating entity.
• Identify the impact and effect that organizational issues have on a
firm’s system of quality control.


Major Subjects:


Pre-acceptance considerations
• Planning considerations
• Evaluation of a firm’s system of quality control
• Risk assessment
• Engagement selection
• Interviewing managing partners, CEOs, and staff
• Completing a Matter for Further Consideration Form
• Evaluation of noncompliance with Professional Standards
• Writing peer review reports


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Completion of the AICPA’s
“Becoming an AICPA Peer
Review Team or Review
Captain: Program Overview” online
course (Acronym: PRTCO)

Designed For:

Individuals who wish to serve as
peer review team captains and
review captains



Marcia Jackson Hein, CPA

Marcia J. Hein, CPA has over 20 years of experience in accounting and auditing with a special emphasis in SEC reporting for small registrants. In addition, Hein is a peer reviewer, a former member of the SECPS Peer Review Committee and California’s Peer Review Committee, and a current member of Colorado’s Peer Review Committee. Since moving to Fort Collins, Colorado her practice consists of small business clients, plus consultations with other CPA firms regarding accounting matters and pre-issuance reviews of financial statements.


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