International Tax Lunch: Dual Status Returns—What They Are, How They Work, How to Prepare Them Webcast | 4193823A

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November 15, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Webcast Remote
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CPE 1.00, MCLE 1.00, IRS-TX 1.00, CTEC-TX 1.00, MCLE LS-TX 1.00
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When someone becomes a U.S. person for tax purposes mid-year or ceases to be a U.S. person for tax purposes mid-year, they may be eligible to file a dual-status return. A dual-status return reports income for part of the year as a resident and part of the year as a nonresident. Learn how to identify the transition date; how income, exemptions, deductions and credits work on dual-status returns; how the foreign earned income exclusion can be applied; and how to prepare a dual-status return.


  • Determine the alternate start or end date of a taxpayer's US residence in a dual-status tax year.
  • Recognize the different methods of reporting income under the resident and nonresident periods.
  • Recognize what exemptions, deductions and credits apply to each portion of the tax year.
  • Apply the foreign earned income correctly for a dual-status tax year.
  • Calculate income and tax on a dual-status tax return.

Major Subjects:

  • Dual-status tax year
  • Alternate US residence start date and end date
  • Green card test
  • Substantial presence test
  • Foreign earned income exclusion
  • Nonresident income reporting 

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William Norihito Shiraga, CPA
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