Personal Financial Planning Update: Income Tax, Retirement and Estate Update | PFPUTXOD16

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CPAs who want to identify financial planning opportunities and learn various strategies relating to income tax, retirement and estate planning issues.
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Specialized Knowledge
Prerequisite :
Knowledge or experience working on basic financial planning strategies.
Credits :
2.00 CPE
Description :
With personal financial planning issues evolving in an increasingly challenging environment, it is becoming much more difficult to keep up with these important and timely changes. CPAs need to be in tune with the many new approaches needed in this continually changing environment. Part of the CPA’s challenge is to help clients stay on top of their goals, while managing their expectations, so they can achieve what they set out to accomplish. This session focuses on updating CPAs to the newest changes in personal financial planning as it relates to income tax,retirement and estate planning issues. It will also point out the value of Form 1040 from a financial planning perspective, including reviewing each line to ensure that you know how to address the dozens of financial planning opportunities found on Form 1040. The webcast was originally broadcast on June 28, 2016. Note: There is a minimum passing rate of 70% for this course.
Objectives :
  • Determine which financial planning strategies work best with today's income tax, retirement planning and estate planning issues.
  • Identify financial planning opportunities resulting from a review of each line item on Form 1040.
Major Topics :
  • Personal financial planning processand its relevance to income tax, retirement and estate planning.
  • Income tax, retirement and estate planning concerns and solutions.
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About the Author :
Rattiner Jeffrey H. - <p>Jeffrey H. Rattiner, CPA, CFP, is president and CEO of The JR Financial Group, Inc., a nationally-acclaimed financial planning training firm that specializes on training CPAs, CFPs, financial advisors, and corporate executives on an array of planning topics including income tax, retirement, estate, divorce, investments, closely-held business owners, cash flow management, financial planning, creating a financial planning practice, and many others. His Rattiner’s Financial Planning Fast Track™, Inc., has been the industry-recognized boot camp for CPAs, financial advisors, and other industry-wide financial services professionals interested in becoming Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) for over 28 years. He has authored eight books in the industry, including such popular titles as <i>Getting Started as a Financial Planner, Personal Financial Planning for Divorce, Financial Planning Answer Book</i>, and <i>Rattiner’s Financial Planner’s Bible</i>. An avid and entertaining speaker, he lectures nationally to CPA firms, employees of financial services organizations, advisors within banks, brokerage firms, mutual fund families, insurance companies, and consumer groups. Rattiner worked previously for the CFP Board, ICFP and AICPA PFP Division.</p>