Excel Power User Module 8: PivotTable vs. Formula-Based Reports | EPU8OD16

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Level :
Designed For :
Accounting professionals who use Excel for Windows.
Field of Interest :
Computer Software And Applications
Prerequisite :
Excel Power User Modules 1-7 or knowledge of the topics covered.
Credits :
2.00 CPE
Description :
The Excel Power User series helps you improve your Excel proficiency and enables you to get your Excel tasks done more quickly. This session begins by comparing the formula-based reports we built previously to PivotTables. You'll dig into the details between these two report types so you are comfortable with applying them to specific workbooks. You'll create two versions of many reports, one version with formulas and the other with PivotTables so you become comfortable replacing formula-based reports with PivotTables when appropriate. Note: This session is presented with Excel for Windows. Items covered may not be available in Excel for Mac. The webcast was originally broadcast on May 6, 2016. Note: There is a minimum passing rate of 70% for this course.
Objectives :
  • Identify the three PivotTable report layout formats.
  • Recall the operator that causes Excel to create absolute, structured table references.
  • Distinguish between calculated fields and calculated items.
Major Topics :
  • Report type comparison
  • Options
  • Report layout and design
  • Multiple value fields
  • Calculated fields
  • Calculated items
Advanced Prep :
About the Author :
Lenning Jeff S - Jeff Lenning of Click Consulting, Inc., is a CPA and published author. He has written several articles for the Journal of Accountancy and other publications. His firm specializes in providing computer consulting services to CPA firms and their clients. Web site: http://www.clickconsulting.com