IRS Outreach Message from Chuck Rettig

Recently, IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig personally reached out to CalCPA Chair Bob Reynolds to ask for CalCPA’s help in making sure every eligible individual receives coronavirus economic relief funds. Specifically, Rettig is seeking assistance in reaching “beyond our normal contacts” to amplify IRS efforts in reaching individuals who have not provided the information necessary for the IRS to generate payments on their behalf. 

While the vast majority of individuals eligible to receive coronavirus economic relief funds do not need to take any action, there are still many eligible individuals that will need to take steps to receive their funds. 

The IRS is actively urging anyone who has not filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019, but is required to do so, to file as soon as they can and elect to receive their refund via direct deposit to receive an economic impact payment as quickly as possible. 

The IRS has e-posters available related to economic impact payments here and here that will help communicate the message. More information also is available on the IRS and U.S. Treasury websites.

Please consider your personal and professional networks, charitable organizations and other community groups that you are active in and how you can help spread this information–especially to those that have not filed 2018 or 2019 returns. 

Commissioner Rettig’s message to CalCPA states:

We are soon going to be coordinating Economic Impact Payments to every eligible American. As you know, things are moving fast in a most difficult environment and we want to get this right, from every perspective. 

I’ve long viewed “tax administration” as the responsibility of everyone on behalf of everyone else. In this regard, the efforts and participation of the CalCPA community is critical to the overall success of getting these payments out to all eligible individuals.

The IRS has strong support from the national, state and local tax communities, general and tax-related media, state and local tax authorities, etc. However, we need to reach beyond our normal contacts to reach many military, lower income, non-filers, ethnic and homeless communities who might otherwise not step up to provide information that would enable the IRS to generate the payments on their behalf. We need to mobilize these communities in a significant manner, with the full support of the IRS throughout. 

I have attached some information that can be shared now. By early next week we will have specific information available about how people can go online to provide information (others could file an informational “zero” return) and, if they also provide banking information, they could receive their Economic Impact Payment quickly by direct deposit. Others, would receive a paper check. 

We’d appreciate the CalCPA community and others thinking creatively and circulating the information we will soon be providing far and wide, and especially providing assistance in getting this information beyond the normal tax-related outlets. 

Many smart, creative folks are sheltering at home looking for a cause they can support remotely … we have one—we need to spread this information quickly, into every local community. 

Thanks, stay safe and heathy!  

Charles P. Rettig
Commissioner | Internal Revenue Service
1111 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20024

April 7, 2020