Be a Leader in CalCPA

Want to hone your leadership skills and become a more effective leader in your workplace or the profession? California CPAs are the driving force behind one of the world’s largest economies—and CalCPA provides the opportunities to help you develop critical leadership skills, and a platform to showcase them, at the local and state level. Isn’t it time you put your leadership skills to use for the betterment of the CPA profession?

The 2020-2021 Nominations period is closed. The 2021-2022 Nominations period will reopen in early November 2020.

Nomination Results for 2020-2021:

CalCPA and Education Foundation Nominated Slate

The CalCPA Nominations Committee has submitted the following proposed nominated slate:

Officers nominated to a one-year term (2020-21)

  • Chair - Jolene N. Fraser (Sacramento Chapter)
  • First Vice Chair - Christie Simons (San Francisco Chapter)
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Tayiika M. Dennis (Los Angeles Chapter)
  • Past President - Robert A. Reynolds (Sacramento Chapter)

Vice Chairs nominated to a two-year term (2020-22)

  • David J. Neighbors (Silicon Valley/San Jose Chapter)
  • Miklos Ringbauer (Los Angeles Chapter)

Council Members at-Large nominated to a two-year term (2020-22)

  • Jamie L. Baker (Sacramento Chapter)
  • Michael J. Farrell (Channel Counties Chapter)
  • Christian D. Tregillis (Los Angeles Chapter)
AICPA Council Members nominated to a three-year term (2021-24)
  • Jolene N. Fraser (Sacramento Chapter)
  • Kathy A. Johnson (Inland Empire Chapter)
  • Cory J. Stigile (Los Angeles Chapter)
  • Charlotte D. Wall (San Francisco Chapter)
  • James K. Wallace (San Francisco Chapter)

The CalCPA Education Foundation Nominations Committee has submitted the following proposed nominated slate:

Officers Nominated to a one-year term (2020-21)

  • President - Chrislynn Freed (Los Angeles Chapter)
  • First Vice President - Scott D. Hoppe (San Francisco Chapter)
  • Treasurer - Adam Blitz (Fresno Chapter)
  • Vice President - Andrea Cope (San Francisco Chapter)
  • Past President Joseph (Joe) A. Forlenza (San Diego Chapter)

Trustees Nominated to a two-year term (2020-22)

  • Violeta D. Cristobal (Los Angeles Chapter)
  • Scott Donnelly (Los Angeles Chapter)
  • Megan Thompson (Silicon Valley/San Jose Chapter)
  • TBD – President Appointment

Serve on a Chapter Board

From leading a local discussion group to serving on a chapter board to holding statewide office, CalCPA enhances the image of its members by position them as experts in the media and their communities. Share your skills on a chapter board or committee, statewide committee or statewide leadership.

Volunteer in Your Community

You can make a real difference in the lives of your fellow Californians and inspire bright, talented students to discover the integrity, trust and career diversity that is the CPA profession by volunteering in CalCPA's outreach efforts. Learn more and support your community.

Emerging Leaders Certificate Program

The CalCPA Emerging Leaders certificate program is offered at the local level to all 14 chapters. It provides training in leadership development areas, while at the same time exposing young and emerging professional members to leaders in the profession who can serve as career mentors. Learn more and register.

Leadership Institute

CalCPA Leadership Institute is a high-level, five-day program that provides members with tools to develop their leadership skills and grow into future leadership positions at CalCPA and within the profession. This program is funded through the California CPA Education Foundation and CalCPA, so participant costs are nominal. Learn more and apply.