CalCPA Leadership Institute

The application period is now closed for the 2021-22 CalCPA Leadership Institute. We welcome you to visit this webpage again next year in summer 2022 for details about next year’s program. We thank you for your interest!

Strong leaders in strategic positions are key to CalCPA’s continued success. CalCPA Leadership Institute is a 5-day program* designed to teach members skills that will make them better leaders and managers. Participants will grow as volunteer and business leaders as they focus on improving leadership behavior, as well as critical thinking and management skills.

*NOTE: An optional 6th day is available to those who wish to participate in the Leadership Institute graduation ceremony conducted at the CalCPA Council Meeting in Sacramento. Participation is encouraged, but not required.

CalCPA and the CalCPA Education Foundation underwrite the costs of the program except for a small administrative fee of $249 that is responsibility of the individual participant. Travel expenses are also the responsibility of the attendee.

Eligibility: Qualified candidates who are current CalCPA members (in good standing) and who have the greatest potential for fulfilling future leadership roles at CalCPA will be considered. Participants are selected by application, only. Students are ineligible for this program.

CalCPA Leadership Institute participants spend 35 hours discussing, analyzing, reflecting and building their leadership skills. The program is worth 35 hours of non-technical CPE, if fully and successfully completed. Among the key concepts covered are:

Fundamentals of Leadership • Identifying Personal Leadership Styles • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting • Client Management • Managing People

Andrea Torres
(818) 546-3510