Palm Springs CPE Week

Palm Springs CPE Week

Dec. 2–6, 2019

Home to elegant Mid-Century Modern structures, Palm Springs was the go-to getaway for the likes of the Rat Pack, Elvis and other Hollywood stars and its charming retro-chic still brings visitors today! Enjoy the aerial tramway on the way to Mt. San Jacinto, eccentric attractions like the World’s Biggest Dinosaurs, shopping at the River and on El Paseo or golfing at one of many world-renown courses. There is no better place to find sun, relaxation and education.

Accounting and Auditing Update with Nancy A. Rix, CPA
Credits: CPE: 8, AA: 8
This annual update covers activities of the Private Company Council (PCC), FASB trends and reviews SAS and SSARS.

Stay current on new standards related to financial accounting, compilation and review, and auditing. Learn about specific requirements of the standards and their potential impact on financial statements as well as what's in the pipeline regarding proposed standards. Discuss activities of the PCC and what's on the FASB agenda.
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The Nuts and Bolts of High-End Planning with David B. Gaw, Esq. and Jacqueline A. Patterson, CPA, J.D., MBT
Credits: CPE: 8, MCLE: 6.5, MCLE LS-EP: 6.5
Knowing the basics of advanced estate planning strategies is essential in advising clients with significant wealth and seek assistance in developing succession plans to address individual needs. Review transfer and income tax laws, plus available strategies to minimize taxes.

Also, discuss the basic structure of advanced strategies, provisions in the governing document that authorize and regulate these strategies, modeling and tracking spreadsheets and software options. To illustrate the concepts discussed, experience a live demonstration of financial planning software, run modeling exercises and review examples of sophisticated estate and business planning scenarios.
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From Discovery to Trial: Working a Fraud Case with August W Caimi, Esq, Stephen N Getzoff, CFE, CFF, CGMA, CICA, CPA and S. Robert Radus, CPA
Credits: CPE: 8, AA: 8, FR: 4, MCLE: 6.5
Engage in a step-by-step discovery of fraud through the various investigative procedures to determine the extent of the loss, narrow suspects to identifying the criminal and/or engaging in a civil trial of the perpetrator.

Collectively discuss the use of other professional experts, working with attorneys, depositions and expert testimony. As an interactive course, walk away with an exceptional and fun educational experience.
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Sophisticated Planning for High Networth Clients with Jacob Stein, Esq., J.D., LL.M.
Credits: CPE: 8, MCLE: 8, MCLE LS-EP: 8
This course aggregates a number of different subjects that are relevant to planning for high net worth clients—federal, state and international income tax planning, estate planning, estate tax planning, asset protection and offshore holdings. Review a select a number of contemporary planning strategies and learn about real life case studies. This course is intended to be challenging and will require active engagement and participation.
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Special Topics In Partnership And LLC Taxation with Michael Vinson, Esq., J.D., LL.M.
Credits: CPE: 8, CTEC-TX: 8, IRS-TX: 8, MCLE: 6.5
Tax practitioners struggle to understand the rules of Subchapter K of the Internal Revenue Code and related Treasury Regulations. Complex rules offer both tax planning opportunities as well as traps. Join an in-depth analysis of key partnership tax issues with an emplasis on how they affect partnership structuring and the reporting of partnership results.
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Statement of Cash Flows: Preparation and Analysis with Summer M. Taylor, CPA
Credits: CPE: 8, AA: 8
The statement of cash flows is a critical component of a company's set of financial statements. Cover the proper preparation of the statement, including analysis techniques.

Learn about how financial statements enable CPAs and financial professionals to see the cash inflows and outflows of a business relating to operating, investing and financing activities, and evaluation of liquidity and quality of earnings.
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Accounting Industry Update with Summer M. Taylor, CPA
Credits: CPE: 8, AA: 8
Stay current on recent changes in accounting and auditing. Review FASB, SEC, PCC, PCAOB and AICPA standard-setting activity in the current year.

Implementation dates will be provided so you can plan for changes, and the course will highlight the changes that will be implemented in the current year. Also, discuss the difference between public and private company requirements.
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California Frauds, Scams and Scandals with Suzan C. Dennis, CPA, BA, BS, MSA
Credits: CPE: 8, AA: 8, FR: 4
Promising large returns with seemingly no risk, high-yielding investment scams have raised millions of dollars from unsuspecting investors while delivered nothing in return. Learn the latest regarding recycled scams that are updated continuously.

Additionally, cover emerging e-fraud variations and how to prevent and report them to protect your investments and your clients' interests.
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Real Estate Taxation with G. Scott Haislet, CPA, Esq.
Credits: CPE: 8, ET: 2, IRS-TX: 8, MCLE: 6.5, MCLE LS-TX: 6.5
Take a look at significant real estate tax issues and concepts, including planning and compliance topics that emphasize tax elimination or deferral.

This course will take a closer look at 1031 exchanges; home sale exclusion (IRC Sec. 121); passive activities loss rules; estate planning and gifting with real estate; Opportunity Zone property; and, Sec. 199A QBI from real estate.
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Federal and California Tax Update for Individuals with Annette Nellen, CPA, CGMA, Esq. and Gary R. McBride, CPA, Esq., J.D., LL.M.
Credits: CPE: 8, CFP: 8, CTEC-FTL: 8, IRS-FTL: 8, MCLE: 6.5, MCLE LS-TX: 6.5
This in-depth analysis of the year's important changes in Federal and California tax law will take you through new legislation, TCJA guidance, regulations, cases, rulings and other important developments affecting individual taxpayers.

Note: This is the companion course to Federal and California Tax Update for Businesses and Estates.
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OCBOA Case Studies with Suzan C. Dennis, CPA, BA, BS, MSA
Credits: CPE: 8, AA: 8
This course will explore compliance with the preparation, presentation, disclosure and reporting nuances of cash- and tax-basis financial statements. The AICPA FRF for SMEs will also be discussed.

Practitioners may want to use the Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting (OCBOA) financial statement presentations as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) increases in complexity and cost of compliance. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of alternatives to GAAP financial statement presentations is key to proper choices for clients.

This course will explore compliance with the preparation, presentation, disclosure and reporting nuances of cash- and tax-basis financial statements. The AICPA's Financial Reporting Framework for Small- and Medium-Sized Entities (FRF for SMEs) will be discussed. This course meets the specific OCBOA requirements that CPAs are required to meet for reissuance of their license.
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Top 10 Things Financial Planners Need To Know About Estate Planning with Mary Kay A. Foss, CPA
Credits: CPE: 8, CFP: 8
Clients will still need estate planning if the estate tax goes away or exemptions remain at the current high levels. Help guide clients through important considerations.

Attendees will address topics like how to value assets passed to the next generation; how to provide education benefits to grandchildren; how to distribute retirement benefits thoughtfully; and/or how to provide a charitable legacy.
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Ethical And Legal Standards For CPAs with Dana A. Basney, CPA, MS, ABV, CFE, CIRA
Credits: CPE: 8, AA: 2, ET: 4, FR: 2, RR: 2
Obtain a practical understanding of ethical and legal standards for CPAs. Get the practical guidance that applies to CPAs on a daily basis.

Professional ethics are a cornerstone of the CPA profession. The public expects CPAs to know and understand the ethical and legal standards that apply to accountancy.

A portion of this class is designed to meet the California Board of Accountancy's two-hour regulatory review course requirement, as well as the four-hour ethics requirement. During this section, review the California Accountancy Act and CBA regulations specific to the practice of public accountancy in California, as well as historic and recent CBA disciplinary actions.
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Federal and California Tax Update for Businesses and Estates with Annette Nellen, CPA, CGMA, Esq. and Gary R. McBride, CPA, Esq., J.D., LL.M.
Credits: CPE: 8, CTEC-FTL: 8, IRS-FTL: 8, MCLE: 6.5, MCLE LS-TX: 6.5
Stay current on tax law changes that impact you and your practice. Dive into the latest federal and California tax developments affecting C and S corps, partnerships, estates, trusts and exempt organizations.

This course will examine details of new legislation, guidance on the TCJA, 2019 cases and rulings and provide valuable planning and practice insights.

Note: This is the companion course to Federal and California Tax Update for Individuals.
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SSARS Codification: Preparation, Compilation and Review of Financial Information with Howard S. Sibelman, CPA
Credits: CPE: 8, AA: 8
Learn about the Preparation of Financial Statements service, significant changes to the Compilation standards and better understand the updated Review engagement standards.

In SSARS 21-24, the AICPA Accounting and Review Services Committee (ARSC) introduced the Preparation service to SSARS, which significantly changed the landscape for compilation services and rewrote the Compilation and Review Standards in clarity format. Attendees will review SSARS requirements and financial statements.
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