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Login to via the toolbar above, or the Login. You may also be prompted to login if you click on a member-only resource after which you will be redirected to the page you selected.

If you have previously purchased CPE, Classifieds or products online or via Customer Service, or you are or have been a CalCPA member, you have an existing account. Go to the password recovery page or contact Customer Service at (800) 922-5272 to retrieve your Username and Password.

Your username is your CalCPA ID unless you have updated it to your e-mail (business or personal).

Creating an Account

If you are a nonmember and have never transacted business with CalCPA or the CalCPA Education Foundation you must create an account.
1.   Fill out the profile. Required information is bold and preceded by an asterisk.
2.   Choose a username—it must be your e-mail (business or personal). (Please do not use spaces or special characters.)
3.   Choose a password and confirm by re-typing it. Passwords must be between 6 and 15 characters and may contain any combination of letters and/or numbers but are case sensitive. (Please do not use spaces.)
4.   Choose a secret question and answer to use as verification if you should forget your login information in the future.
5.   Check any boxes that relate to you and then click SUBMIT.
6.   You will now be logged in to and may make purchases.

Forgot Account Information

If you forget your username and/or password, go to the Password Recovery page to access your account information.
1.   Enter either your username or the e-mail address CalCPA has on file and click SUBMIT.
2.   Your secret question will be displayed. Enter your answer and click SUBMIT.  If you have not answered a secret question in the past you may need to contact Customer Service at (800) 922-5272 for assistance.
3.   Your username will be displayed at the top of the page. You will be required to enter a new password and confirm it.

4.   You may also change your secret question or answer but this is not required. When finished, click SUBMIT and your account information will be updated.

If you have followed the prompts and still are unable to recover your username and/or password, please contact Customer Service at or (800) 922-5272.

My Web Site Account

You may change your username, password, secret question and answer at any time by selecting My Website Login under My Account.

Remember Me

You can choose to have the website remember your username and password information by checking the box titled "Remember Me". This option is computer specific meaning it will only work on the computer you selected it on. If you access from multiple computers you can select it on each. WARNING: if you leave your computer unattended with this option on, others may be able to access the website as you and see your profile information. If you have selected the box in the past and wish to remove this option, you will need to clear the cookie from your browser. For help deleting cookies in Internet Explorer, please visit the Microsoft Help & Support Site.