Auto Renewal

Auto renewal means:

  • Never Have to Re-Enter Your Credit Card - Your information is stored securely.
  • Save Time – One less thing to do each year and you'll enjoy your member benefits— uninterrupted.
  • Get Email Alerts – We'll let you know when your annual membership is processed.

How it works: If it's time to renew your annual membership, we'll notify you of the upcoming charge. After payment has been processed, we’ll email you a receipt—it's that easy.


What happens if my credit card is expired?  We'll send you an email notification that your credit card has expired and ask you to update it. Then, we'll run membership payment mid-month and you'll receive an email confirmation once it's processed.

Can I stop automatic renewal payments?  Yes, you can pause and activate the function at any time.

Do my membership rates ever change?  
Yes, they may change based on your member type and you'll be charged the corresponding rate. Click here for a list of current fees. 

For example, if you were a candidate member but just became a professional licensed <5 member, you'll be charged for the professional licensed <5 membership type.

Login to your account to check your membership type at any time. Or to change your membership type, send an email.


How to Enroll:

1. Login to your account.

2. Go to My Account -> My Membership / Open Invoices. Under the Auto Pay column, click on "Credit Card Info."

3. In new window, check the "auto renew" box.

4. Click "Yes-I Accept the Terms and Conditions,” and you will return to the initial window.

5. Click the + button to add your credit card information. Select payment method and complete the required fields. Click "Save," which will also close the window.


6. Click "Save" in remaining open window.

7. You're done!

Don't worry—if you ever want to change your settings, simply login to your account, go to My Account, click on "My Membership / Open Invoices" and uncheck the auto-pay box.