Forensic Expert Leadership Program

Forensic Expert Leadership Program

Step up to the Stand—Forensic Expert Leadership Program!

You’ve likely heard the term “expert witness” countless times, but what does that really mean? How smart do you have to be? And what’s considered an “expert” anyway?

CalCPA Forensic Services Section and CalCPA Education Foundation will answer those questions and more through the Forensic Expert Leadership Program, which is designed to help forensic accounting professionals expand their practice and prepare for career development as a testifying expert. Top experts in forensic accounting and litigation will share their knowledge and review the skills required for serving as an effective expert witness.

The program is limited to 20 forensic accounting professionals with at least three years of experience and includes interactive components, including the opportunity to practice your testimony on video, analysis and participation in a mock trial with a judicial representative.

Among the key concepts covered in the six-day program:

  • Rules and standards related to expert testimony in judicial proceedings;
  • Presenting your forensic accounting experience to qualify as a testifying expert;
  • Marketing yourself as a forensic expert to attorneys and clients;
  • What juries and judges are looking for from forensic accountants;
  • Effective verbal and written communications for the litigation process and in expert and rebuttal reports;
  • Deposition preparation;
  • Do’s and don’ts of direct and cross examinations; and
  • Navigating the witness stand.