Forensic Services Section Membership

Business Valuation • Economic Damages • Family Law • Fraud and Financial Investigations

Why join Forensic Services Sections? For starters:
  • Profit from the experience of your peers in litigation consulting and dispute resolution
  • Tackle the tough issues
  • Share your triumphs and tribulations
  • Get cutting-edge ideas
  • Interact with others CPAs*
  • Stay up to speed with current issues and the latest court cases
  • Have a voice in shaping the future of CPAs in forensic, litigation and dispute resolution

What are the Forensic Services Sections?

The Forensic Services Sections are statewide organizations that allow member CPAs to interact on concerns specific to their area of practice within litigation and dispute resolution. The Forensic Services Sections are open to affiliated non-CPAs, including attorneys and judges. Forensic Services Section members have input into what types of CPE is needed and the types of conferences you would like to see developed, as well as express your views on litigation and dispute resolution issues with the AICPA.

What Do I Get as a Member of the Forensic Services Section?

Exclusive Member Newsletter

The Witness Chair is a newsletter filled with case summaries and citations, commentaries, and reviews of new publications and their impact on CPAs. The Witness Chair also contains technology round-ups to make your work easier and better, tips on generating new business, event calendars and AICPA news. Additionally, The Witness Chair is distributed to more than 5,000 attorneys and judges throughout California as part of our outreach program to promote CPAs in litigation.

Individual Sections

Members participate in up to four separate sections: Business Valuation, Economic Damages, Family Law and Fraud and Financial Investigations. The sections present an expanded forum to facilitate participation by members interested and practicing in a specific area of the section. The sections aid in the exchange and dissemination of ideas and resources. Sections identify relevant current events and trends for discussion and action, such as proposed responses or comments and the development of CPE. Each section holds three to four meetings per year, alternating between Southern and Northern California and provide CPE.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is responsible for addressing issues which affect all CPAs in the Forensic Services Section, regardless of specific practice area. The committee is responsible to the members of the Forensic Services Section and exists to further the mission statement and objectives.

Forensic Services Section Mission Statement

The Forensic Services Section, as part of CalCPA, provides an expanded forum to facilitate participation and the exchange and dissemination of ideas and resources; to identify relevant current events and trends; and to analyze technical issues and interpret applicable standards.

* If you are not a CPA, we offer associate membership in the Forensic Services Section.

Added Bonus: Membership in one of four individual sections—Business Valuation, Economic Damages, Family Law and Fraud and Financial Investigations—is included in the basic price. You may join additional sections.

Member Dues

Associate Members Dues Schedule

To receive more information, e-mail Emily Ku.

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