Mission: To collect, process and interview candidate applicants for CalCPA officers, at-large members of the CalCPA Council and CalCPA representatives to AICPA Council. Nominate a complete slate of these positions for election by CalCPA membership.

CalCPA Nominations Committee Protocols & Best Practices

* Membership to this committee is by invitation only.

2020-21 Chair:

The 2020-2021 Nominations period is closed. The 2021-2022 Nominations period will reopen in early November 2020.

Nomination Results for 2020-2021:

CalCPA Nominated Slate

The CalCPA Nominations Committee has submitted the following proposed nominated slate:

Officers nominated to a one-year term (2020-21)
  • Chair - Jolene N. Fraser (Sacramento Chapter)
  • First Vice Chair - Christie Simons (San Francisco Chapter)
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Tayiika M. Dennis (Los Angeles Chapter)
  • Past President - Robert A. Reynolds (Sacramento Chapter)
Vice Chairs nominated to a two-year term (2020-22)
  • David J. Neighbors (Silicon Valley/San Jose Chapter)
  • Miklos Ringbauer (Los Angeles Chapter)
Council Members at-Large nominated to a two-year term (2020-22)
  • Jamie L. Baker (Sacramento Chapter)
  • Michael J. Farrell (Channel Counties Chapter)
  • Christian D. Tregillis (Los Angeles Chapter)
AICPA Council Members nominated to a three-year term (2021-24)
  • Jolene N. Fraser (Sacramento Chapter)
  • Kathy A. Johnson (Inland Empire Chapter)
  • Cory J. Stigile (Los Angeles Chapter)
  • Charlotte D. Wall (San Francisco Chapter)
  • James K. Wallace (San Francisco Chapter)