Committee on Taxation

Mission: Provide up-to-date information and guidance to members on tax laws, programs and regulations. Maintains liaison with the IRS, FTB, BOE and EDD. Review and respond to proposed tax legislation, regulations and revenue rulings.

* This is a state committee with corresponding chapter committees.

2018-20 Chair:

  • Melody Thornton

Recent News:

The Committee on Taxation sent a letter to key Congressional committees urging them to ensure that the IRS is sufficiently funded during the budgetary process. Appropriate resources are required for the IRS to provide the efficient, effective and high-quality services that are desired by Congress and expected by taxpayers.

The Treasury and IRS will be charged with implementing complex and material changes to the federal tax laws following the recent tax reform legislation. This will require the development and employment of regulations, guidance and new publications­—as well as hiring and training staff to facilitate this process. An increase in calls for assistance is anticipated and we encourage Congress to make sure the IRS has the resources necessary to provide accurate guidance and timely assistance to taxpayers and tax practitioners.

Additionally, this effort was coordinated with, and consistent with, similar letters recently sent by the Texas Society of CPAs, the AICPA and other leaders in the CPA profession. Such a proactive and unified response by the profession to Congress will amplify the significance of this important issue.

CalCPA and the COT will continue to be proactive on this issue and make certain the profession is well represented during the federal budgetary and allocation process.

From the AICPA

Tax reform implementation issues are going to be with us for a long time, and CPAs likely have questions surrounding Sec. 199A and when the IRS will issue guidance. This article from the AICPA offers some insight on timing. (June 2018)


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