First Republic Bank

CalCPA/First Republic Bank Membership Reimbursement Program



Who qualifies for the reimbursement offer?

All CalCPA members (new and existing) that open a qualifying account at First Republic Bank.

How does the reimbursement program work?

A CalCPA member can submit proof of payment of their current annual membership fee to First Republic Bank. The bank will reimburse the CalCPA member after having opened a consumer checking account and either set up First Republic’s Online Banking (within the first 120 days) or direct deposit (totaling $2,500).

What is the maximum reimbursement?

A CalCPA member can be reimbursed for up to two years of membership (totaling $1,060 over two years).


  1. Join CalCPA or Renew your membership
  2. Open an account with First Republic Bank and either set up:
    • First Republic's Online Banking
    • Direct Deposit (totaling $2,500)
  3. Submit your proof of (membership fee) payment to First Republic Bank for reimbursement
  4. Enjoy your cost-free membership (up to $1,060 over two years)



If you have questions, please email