Firm Billing Program

Firm Billing Invoicing Program

Become one of the 250+ firms in California that are part of CalCPA’s Firm Billing Program: rather than processing multiple individual membership renewal invoices for each of your employees, get just one invoice. You and your employees will no longer be burdened with reminders, invoices or reimbursement forms.

Participating is easy! You can enroll in our Firm Billing Program anytime of the year.

Here's how the program works:

  • Your firm designates an employee to serve as their CalCPA Membership Contact (typically a firm administrator, human resource professional, office manager or partner).
  • In mid-January, the Membership Contact is emailed a firm roster based on CalCPA internal data to review and update.
  • By mid-February, the Membership Contact returns the updated roster to CalCPA.
  • In mid-March:
    • The Membership Contact is emailed:
      • A single firm bill with an itemized renewals balance for each CalCPA member working at the firm (organized by office, if applicable) and total balance owed.
      • A list of CalCPA members not included on the bill because they do not owe membership renewals (free candidates, life members, recent joins.
    • Each of your employees who owe membership renewal receives an email explaining that they will not receive an annual membership renewal invoice from CalCPA because your firm is participating in our firm billing program.
  • Your firm remits payment by May 1.
  • Once payment is received and processed:
    • CalCPA emails the Membership Contact a payment receipt itemized by member.
    • Members are emailed letting him or her know that their membership renewal have been paid.

Ready to enroll? Participate here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can a firm have a different Membership Contacts for different offices?
    Yes, you can assign multiple contacts or one contact. Just let us know!
  • Can a firm add membership for non-members to the roster when it is reviewed so that they are then included on the firm bill?
    Yes, we want to ensure that your roster is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Can a firm request a revised firm bill to include non-members or exclude former employees after the initial bill is sent?
    Yes, our main goal is to maintain the most current roster of your firm.
  • Can the bill be paid by credit card? 
    Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express and also accept checks.
  • Once a firm joins the Firm Billing Program, is it automatically enrolled for future years?
    Yes. At the beginning of each calendar year, we’ll send you our most recent firm roster for you to update prior to receiving the final invoice.
  • Can a firm modify/update their roster outside the firm billing cycle?
    Yes, we can make changes throughout the year.
  • Can a firm add CalCPA membership for new employees outside the firm billing cycle?
    Yes, we can add new members all year round.
  • Can non-licensed employees join CalCPA membership?
    Yes, we offer Associate, Candidate, Financial Professional and Firm Administrative Associate membership to non-licensed professionals who want to take part of member benefits.
  • Can our firm join the Firm Billing Program anytime of the year?
    YES! Although annual membership renewal payments are due May 1, you can begin the program whenever is convenient for you.