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Connect to your profession

Connect to your profession.

Lead the way

Lead the way.

Make your mark.

Make your mark.

Benefits of your membership

CalCPA is pleased to offer a multitude of ways for PwC to join in leading the way in California.

  • Direct access to CPA licensure experts who can answer your questions about steps to take and requirements to meet as you move along on your journey to attending your CPA license.
  • Opportunities to network and become involved in leadership activities that make a difference in your community.
  • Continuing education (attending or leading) and updates to help our members stay on the cutting edge of an ever-evolving industry.
  • Unparalleled governmental advocacy in Sacramento.

Membership Levels

Executive   CPA who is an executive: managing partner, partner, owner, principal, sole practitioner, business and industry executive, president, vice president, director, consultant, controller, CEO, COO or CFO.
Professional +5   CPAs licensed more than 5 years not described in Executive membership type.   $425
Professional <5   CPAs licensed less than 5 years, not described in Executive membership type.

Any person, who has a bachelor’s degree, has never been a licensed CPA in any state and is pursuing pathway to licensure via California Board of Accountancy.

Associate   Not a licensed CPA, does not qualify as a Student, Candidate or Financial Professional member and meets Associate category eligibility requirements.

ASSOCIATE ELIGIBILITY: You qualify for CalCPA Associate membership if you meet any one of the following criteria and have two CPA member sponsors:

  • Foreign Licensee;
  • Non-CPA serving on State or chapter Committee(s) of CalCPA; or
  • Non-CPA professional working in consulting, legal, government or banking services.
Financial Professional   Never been a licensed CPA, does not qualify as a Student, Candidate or Associate member and meets Financial Professional category eligibility requirements.

FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL ELIGIBILITY: You qualify for CalCPA Financial Professional membership if you’ve never been a licensed CPA, have a bachelor’s degree and meet any one of the following criteria:

  • A professional employee at a CPA firm;
  • Anyone working under the direct supervision of a CPA in industry, government or education;
  • A financial professional in industry, government or education, or legal, banking or financial consulting services; or
  • An IT professional.
Firm Administrator
  Not a licensed CPA, non-billable professional working as a firm administrator at a public accounting firm.