Suggested Training for Firms

Trust CalCPA Education Foundation’s 50 years of experience to give direction for a well-rounded staff training program in progressive levels with both audit and tax tracks. At the core are multi-day, workshop-style, staff training courses that will provide the fundamental training your staff needs to maximize their productivity, profitability and commitment to your firm. Select from additional technical, nontechnical and technology training to complement the core programs and develop your staff to fulfill their potential as they grow with your firm.

Tax Track
Overview, Individual, Partnerships, Corporations, Updates
Audit Track
Comprehensive Workshops, Overview, Government, Not-for-Profit, Updates
Common Courses
Non-technical, Soft skills, Computers & Technology

Simplify your training budget process and take advantage of discounted pricing by calculating the CPE hours for your selected staff training courses and find the discount program that’s right for you.

To learn more about staff training opportunities and our discount programs please contact Lisa Brown, (650) 522-3125 or Georgia Williams (650) 522-3167.