Not a licensed CPA, does not qualify as a Student, Candidate or Financial Professional member, meets any one of the following criteria and has two licensed CPA member sponsors: Foreign Licensee; Non-CPA serving on a state or chapter committee(s) of CalCPA; or Non-CPA professional working in consulting, legal, government or banking services. 

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“One of the main reasons I joined CalCPA was to stay connected with all that is related to accounting policy and procedures regardless of the industry that I was working in. I would definitely recommend any professional in the financial field to be part of this organization.”

—Xavier Mahdion
Senior Financial Representative
Principal Financial Group

San Diego Chapter
Member since 2007

Xavier Mahdion has been bringing Wall Street to Main Street with integrity, knowledge and excellent personal service for more than 28 years. He engages in protective planning to help identify and set financial goals on a mutually comprehensive level; establishes employment related benefit programs to minimize taxes; provides investment and insurance options to fortify protective planning efforts; and assists in designing the structure of benefit plan distributions, establishing strategies to reduce estate tax liability and evaluating established benefits or retirement plans to maintain goals.

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